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Eryn Lougheed  illustration @ OCADU

if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends

thanks @yaki_boi for shooting the opening credits to my new detective show. i'm the smart well meaning one and the goofy one with the big heart

inside pages from my Questions? Comments? zine, snapped by @elbowk πŸ’Ž
p.s, doing a takeover over at @thisisintern this week!

@elbowk snapped this pic of my risographed print in the sun πŸ¦‹

a correspondence zine by @mayagoooo and I! we sent each other photos from our lives and looked for matching colour schemes. 🌿


coral reef
one of my collages up at Gorge-ous for the summer πŸ¦€

red wave

hey Vic friends! there's a show of my collages up in Gorge-ous Coffee until the end of the summer. this is fun for me cause I used to come here to draw all the time when I was like 15 ⭕️


blending in


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