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I am here.
This is now.
I am breathing .
I am thinking.
I am observing my thoughts.
I feel.
It is light and cool.
I can here stillness all around.
I now notice the things around me with my eyes.
They remind me of My love.
I feel my heart rate quicken.
I feel him, My love.
I smile with my whole body.
It is strong and deep and intoxicating.
I close my eyes and inhale the pleasure of this feeling.
Every part of me is alive.
He is inside of this.
I feel love.
It’s a feel.
I feel.
A feeling of guilt arises suddenly.
It is some sort of denial of love.
I am observing My mind wanting to take me to another place.
I allow this.
It is a familiar dark, damp space.
My heart rate again quickens.
I feel discomfort.
Images of people and things that, seemingly, need my attention appear.
I feel an unpleasant urgency.
I am anxious.
I feel fear.
I am now existing in these thoughts.
I allow My mind to create even more “reasons” to stay in this state.
It is familiar.
I feel alone.
Now An Awareness arises and I feel suspicious.
I realize I am no longer in that present moment of love.
I am instead, seemingly, trapped inside of a displeasing thought.
I sense that It is The denial of love.
I am recalling.. that I have ALL power.
I can CHOOSE to discriminate between which thoughts are fruitless musings and which of those thoughts bring joy.
I smile a little .
I close my eyes and DECIDE to shift my thinking.
I will transform this energy now.
I am breathing deeply as I inhale the presence of stillness all around me.
I exhale strong.
As I breathe, I expand AND contract with EVERYTHING.
I am observing this.
I feel Every Thing is observing ME.
The shallow ache has left my chest.
Suddenly I am here again.
A voice inside me (that is me ) says, “ I WAS ALWAYS HERE. “
And This is now. ... Wo . That was close.
Out my mind ... just in time. ———————————————
Random thoughts that aren’t so... random. - EB and EveryThing .

Little things.

My Salad is a Legend.

This Legend Food - @queenafua
I didn’t get To thank everyone at the award show, but thank YOU for being one of my greatest teachers. I love you strong. TWA NTR . PTAH SKMT IMHOTEP - eb

Badu x @robertwun 2013 archive boot. 🦏 Thank You, Mr. Wun. for digging in the crates for your girl. 🌹

Good Morning ! 🌞

What. in. the. Micheal Vick? ! Somebody PLEASE stop this !!

Badu for Rick Owens sp2019
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Shine a light.

Thas not nothin, bitch.

You really should pay me my money.

Seven x Three . 11/18/97

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