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Kerr over looking Yakima Washington

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Happy 4th of July! Here's some raw dooky footy.💩 An Summer NES tryoutees! Good luck! If you want my vote, show me something I've never seen before. Have your own style; I should be able to spot n pick you out of the pit of 300 shuffles. Get awkward! Its good to get uncomfortable every now an then.👽 Most of all tho, have fun.😘 #newempireshufflers #nes #neskrew #shuffle#shuffling #melbourneshuffle #calistyle #mas#aus#cuttingshapes #shapes #freestep#malaysianshuffle #dance #edm #edmshufflers#glides #runningman #edmlyfe #hardstyle#harddance #housemusic #musically

⏩OPEN: July 4th - July 17⏪
▪ Upload a video & use tags @NewEmpireShufflers and #NES2017
▪Your IG profile must be public for us to see your entry
▪All styles of shuffling welcome.
▪No multiple crews; Accepted recruits can ONLY be in New Empire
▪**Show at least ONE original move, add your own personal style & express to the fullest
▪Must be at least 45 seconds of dancing.
▪Video quality must be 720 HD and up
▪Make sure to get your full body under good lighting ▪(recommended)Find a cool spot to record ▪Music of any genre may be used.

This is for all peeps who have the courage to stand tall and fight their never ending war with addiction. I'm a recovering heroin addict. My relationship with speedballin is a love/ hate relationship. Loved the excitement of being in my car stabbing myself with needles in crowded parking lots. It was like jumping through a vortex of ringing ears and leaving everything I ever knew behind me for complete peace. However that was it, everything else that comes after that is pure hatred. Hate for the long an painful schizophrenic nights, the shameful acts for more and more and more which always ends as never enough, having a anorexic decaying body where as a male I received respect from no one, agonizing cold turkey detoxes in freezing jail cells, yet what I hate most of all was the lost of love and emotions I had for my friends and family. While high, if you weren't helping me get my next fix you didn't mean shit to me. I'm so thankful for my family; all the shit I put them through they stuck by my side. How I've kept needle free for 5 years, is by keeping all the hate I have for heroin known cause I can't/ will not put my family through that again. I Love you Ryan.

Need to catch up on these song requests. 😅 This one is for @xavi_delahoz Thanks mate, was a fun one.

Track: Let's Go by Rick Mitchells

A little edit for the birth day girl @nes.edith Wishing you many more years of shuffle epicness to come. @newempireshufflers

Here's a #valentinesday #starterpack for you. 😹♥️♥️

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