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RPD  Physicist, MTG player and penspinner. Am I a freak? Who cares :P

This go to an awesome spinner in france! :D

Testing Menowa style mod

@heyferre made this amazing combo with my personal KT! Check it out :D

My #mtg playmat! Painted and signed by the awesome @teresenielsenart ^^

This are the mods that I keep for myself! Top tier stuff <3

Some basics! For sale ^^ PM me if you want one

Kuretake kt! Idea from @voretex_penmodding . I already sold a full black one :) PM me if you want one ^^

Anyball color pen! I already sold a Sky blue one :P

PM me if you want one (even in other colors!!)

New dr kts! All for sale! PM me :)

A clever spinner purchased some of my mods! Be like him, buy me mods. Cheap worldwide shipping ;)

I feel like I have little to no control over this kind of tricks. Even though I've been months training equilibrium, seems like no progress is made. I've made more advanced things offcam but anyway, no fucking control over it, so it cant be consistently included in combos.

Longer mods make the trick easier, obviously, but I dont want to cheat with longs ass mods. Here im using a KT sized mod (around 19cm)

I'll try to do some physical study on this kind of systems. A priori, the mod is in a metastable position, what I want to know is how that metastability changes as a function of weight and length.

What I should probably master to get this fucking shit consistently is the kind of "hand circles" that can be seen in the video (thats not something that Im doing consciously now, just happened). One way (and I think that thr only one???) to put some shit in a metastable position IRL and make it stable is to let it orbit around it. That explains why the mod is "stable" in the video.

One thing that I want to do is study this kind of orbits/movements. How fast do I have to move my hand as a function of the radius, pen size and weight. Moreover, easier movements might exist.

Wow instagram video crop is really bad. Anyway, something longer than 7 seconds ^^.

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