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Erin Purnell 🌻  I like pizza and Harry Potter| SFU MOT ‘19

“We just need to love each other as much as our cats and dogs love us”. So many good vibes with this cool lady♥️🤟 #JasonMraz

Who says Umbrella Hats are useless?! These goofballs made each trip through the rain (everyday) worth every step! Already counting down the days until next year! Here’s to Camp Spifida! ♥️🤪☔️

I’m really just excited about my power locks AND windows. #21stcenturycar 🙀

Can you tell we’re related? We keep it classy. 🎓#flashgrad2018

Graduation, I’m coming for ya. 🎓

So glad we bonded over white chucks and my (lack of) organizational skills. Next stop: Graduation 🎓

Thankful for all of these lovely people for making my last formal one for the history books 🦋

All I can say is thank you for being my best friend and the subject of all of my snapchats. I love you so much! Rest easy bud. ❤️

Professor: I hope you have a fun and relaxing Easter break

Also Professor: I’ll see you next class for your comp on 35+ diagnoses and treatments 😑

Me: *post’s selfie secondary to claiming homework allergy*

|We should be studying| ❄️

I’m so glad I can finally spill the beans! Welcome to the line G-Little! I’m so excited to have you in our little family! #floridablues 🦋

The saying goes, ‘Dress like the person you want to be’. So we decided to be our Professors 🤓

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