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Who knew all you had to do to feel absolutely amazing is to quit your job, move to an insanely beautiful country and not work while watching whales all day? It’s so simple 🤷‍♀️

This morning I was eating my vegan oatmeal and re-reading The Alchemist after writing down my intentions for the day (did I lose you there? #okaytobecliche) when I saw a little cloud of water above the ocean outside our cabin from the corner of my eye. I saw it, thought “hey, that kinda looks like the little cloud you see when whales exhale through their blowholes”, but didn’t really register it. And then, I saw it again. And again. So I jumped up. Ran to the deck. And surely, there it was in the distance; a fountain of air and water vapor, followed by clearly visible glimpses of a whale body diving back under the surface.

It was surreal. The poor-quality videos in my stories from today don’t do it justice in any way. I’ve been whale watching before and saw them more up close, but to see them from our cabin, right outside our “backyard” instead of all geared up in a boat with other tourists, was a whole next-level experience. We saw him/her/them swimming along all day, random little fountains in the distance followed by glimpses of an immense, powerful, mysterious and wild body.

I remember when Jam first mentioned renting a cabin in the wild somewhere for our second month in Canada, when he’d start working part time again. We were hooked on the idea and a few days later it was a done deal. And now, we’ve been in Canada a month and three days and in the cabin for nearly two weeks, and I can’t believe my eyes when I wake up in the morning and see the sun rise over the ocean right from the bed.

Almost can’t believe this is real life right now. And going to enjoy the fuck out of it before it becomes a forever cherished memory of our first weeks here. Thanks for the best idea ever baby ❤️


everything is uncertain
and in that lies the greatest freedom
just listen
security is clinging to the known
to familiar roads
to how they did it before you came along
it’s submitting to generations of
“we’re doing it this way, and this is the only way”
which is a lie
it’s a way, never the only way
don’t let it lead you astray
sure, it may work
keep you afloat
it may be safe, comfortable
doable for all
and even enough, for some
but does it fulfill you?
does all that security really allow you
to tap into your potential?
to live life on the best of terms
terms that align with who you are
and what you’re good at
and what fills you with such excitement
that you can’t sleep through the damn night?
does it make you feel joyful and alive
even on a bleak, snowy February afternoon,
when nothing much is happening,
when so much is still possible
because so much is still undefined?
if your answer is a whole-hearted YES,
I say no more
but if you’re not sure,
please let the need for security go
because I can tell you, confidently,
that uncertainty answers yes
to all that I’ve just said before
when you look past the fear of not having your every single step
all, mapped, planned and figured out
you’ll see there’s no reason for all that anxiety
you’ll see that uncertainty is really
an infinite pool of potentiality
waiting for you to jump in boldly
so take off your floaties, honey
your future is calling.

so very grateful for views like these. quiets the mind and replenishes the spirit. this planet is wild.

oh, and some days you’ll feel at strife
when you can see that which you want
against any price
slip through your fingers before it ever
has a chance to materialize
no matter your efforts
this will happen
it’s life
sometime you’ll fail to manifest
what you visualize
and you’ll think, but,
it was perfect
it seemed so meant for me
but then why, when it seemed to fit so perfectly
as if it were laid out for me
didn’t it turn out to be?
was there something there I did not see, or
did I want it too desperately?
funny thing is, who is to say?
sometimes things just turn out that way
so sit with the tears, for a little while
then pick yourself up and wipe your eyes dry
disappointment has its rite of passage in life
but it’s no place where you linger and stay
new and better chances come
with each brand new dawning day
because who knows what’s waiting down the line
for you to show up there just in time

like this 🔝

Another beautiful sunset over the Broken Islands in Barkley Sound. Drove to Victoria (4,5 hours/300km) on Sunday for some business in the city and then back yesterday just in time to catch this beauty. En route, there’s inlets, lakes, forests and mountains at every turn. ‘Twasn’t a punishment, to say the least, and neither is spending a few weeks on this little edge of the world on the west coast, living the cabin life.


Sunrise over Barkley Sound this morning. Woke up with golden light flooding the room. Inside of the cabin looked like it was on fire. Walked down towards the gazebo to take in the panoramic views. Breakfast and coffee on the deck. Bald eagles flying off and on.

The dream manifested. What a place. What a life!

i’m in absolute awe
in dumbfounded disbelief
there’s nothing that is forced out here
nothing is trying to be achieved
the beauty is inherent
it clings to the sea, land and sky alike
it’s the untouched and the unspoiled
that’s lit up by this twilight
the simplest, truest statement would be
it’s just existing as it is
and in this lack effort
is where i find my bliss

the bliss is in the details

We’re up north on the island now, in Courtenay, before we head to our cabin on the west coast tomorrow. Today, consisted of standing on a snow capped mountain, walking through a thick green forest and alongside a river and it’s rapids and waterfalls, and watching a pink sunset over the ocean. These are the days, kids.

My mountain man

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