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Nesto  Multidisciplinary. Multicultic. Multiplex. Mid-Atlantic Mulungu. Since 1619. Tata Nkisi Malongo Mayombé Monté Oscuro. Brama con Brama. Trancenational.

He listened to what we liked & didn't. He never wrote down to us. He really wanted us to like the stories. He always wrote us back. He was still writing kids back. #stanlee #silverbronzagekid #storytellers #americanhomer #excelsior

I'm making my road plans for 2019. I'm thinking of opening up some general talks & presentations that are open to those outside of my family, & to non-Kongo initiates, & those interested in the things I yammer about. My road is made by the places I must be & the talks are secondary to the private family Nkisi Malongo. Many have asked to be informed when I am in their locale. I will be in the north quite a bit as well in 2019, but primarily talking to folks "between" Atlanta, across North Florida through to Houston & Tempe/ Sedona. North folks New York - DC / Baltimore & maybe Chicago. Think I've finally figured out how to do this. So, let me know. Also plan on doing a lot of meet me at the bar hang outs. Depending on some things I'm also sure there will be some poet asides, & maybe some art hanging.
Tata Nkisi Malongo Nzazi Ndoki Yaya Mpenso Vira Vira / Tormenta Vira Vira / Ernesto.

Addendum: I do not sell initiations & do not work for / with people outside of my spiritual family & those who have already prepared & done appointment work in advance i.e. It's the same as it ever was.

"Somehow the numbers keep getting lower and lower..." --Your President.
Somehow neither 45 nor R's in various states know that elections are not over until votes are counted. Who ever thought that there needed to be a School House Rock for this?

Since people looking all over my media I'm reposting this from FB:

I've friended people on here that mean me no good, or who seek to pull me into one mess or another, or who already know from real life that we ain't on the same page, generally from most AfroSpirituals, barring the hucksters, scammers, initiation sellers, the overly mercantile & the fools of course. I figure people maybe deserve chances. & that everyone can change.
This has limits.
I'm hardest on those claiming Palo because of the bullshit not-Palo that they slang. That I don't feel the need nor responsibility to correct. I am not the Palo Police & part of this is about walking thru fire. I'm hardest on a particular subset. You know many of us been in this know each other or of each other & have had this knowledge for decades. It's really a tiny world.

Pro Tip 1:

If you are doing the most & messier than fuck & fighting my npangui, don't keep sending me friend requests. I'm going to keep zapping them no matter how many times you do it, from however many accounts. We already know about YOU.
Pro Tip 2:
I already know when you have folks in my friends list too, so I don't have to make this public. One of you little snitches screen shoot this & send it to your boy.

Pro Tip 3:
I am older & peaceful now. Almost 50 damn years old & putting my mind to higher things. The easiest way to rouse my Hell Raiser is to fuck with that. I'll forget everything about peace & anyone who knows me well knows I used to live to throw & play & fight for the fuck of it all. My old rule: if you blow it up it ain't a problem no more.
Pro Tip 4:
Nobody that's Made & real likes a little ( a word I do not use). Nobody calls him npangui. Nobody calls him a brother Tata either.

Pro Tip 5:
Damn mfer have some self respect.
Maña Kongo. Ever hear of it? Stick to your bottom feeders.
One of y'all go run tell ya boy that. Don't make me tag you either. Yes: I know about you. & this is why I keep you around. For real I know who I need to know. I'm good.
Good Night. -- Tormenta Vira Vira

Ima go back to making stuff in peace now.

Saraswati is important during Diwali. She is an ancient deva, the patron of wisdom, of speech, of the song that carries wisdom. Her image is kept with Laxmi & Ganesha as the gift of wealth is useless without the gift of wisdom. Many times books are placed near her, often as signs of wisdom, but also by students who have to work to get the money for education, & for the many books that are needed. Every Sacred text is ultimately credited to Saraswati. I first learned of Diwali many years ago, as a young man, invited into a humble group house where some people I would grow to love invited me, a stranger then & alone to share their light & fellowship. They had so little but shared not only food & longed for company, but also their culture with me. I saw how hard they struggled to help each other afford what was needed to get their educations. Saraswati was major in their communal home. I'd never thought of petitioning the divine in such a way, but it made so much sense. Even more so now. That's another thing about Diwali: it celebrates more than just praying for material things. It it also about the riches of the mind. My friends & later other teachers taught me that her name means "to flow." That suggests what wisdom is too, something that is always moving, never at rest.

I learned a long time ago Laxmi helps those who offer to her & her friends. Kinda like Sango does. I'm more of a Lord Kubera dude most days mostly due to my Jyotish, & because his history is fascinating as is his spiritual alignment. He's photo one. Often called Laxmi's "brother", the ancient artificer, & a lord of wealth. He just be killing up too many Nagas. Laxmi & Kubera share many mantrams. I love nagas. Lord Ganesha is her more widely known compatriot, & who does not love Ganesha? Who couldn't? It's still Diwali, one of my favorite festivals in the whole world. I'm partial to Diwali in Trinidad & Tobago tho. Go see your Congo, your Orisa, your Deva, same day, even if you are a Christian, Muslim or a Jew. Our "New World" is Sometimes a beautiful blend of tea.

I ain't stutter.

It's never disappointing to see, every election since the 80s, people who spend all their time talking about how they are one with the stars, the universe & the frogs, etc, who believe their mindset can "control" & "create" xyz, who can communicate with every mineral known to humanity, or feel everything that blows through the air, get really basic with taking a day to drop a ballot. All of a sudden they have no power to "change" anything, or even try with the easiest step to "manifest" an equitable society. Somehow that's never going to happen. & they never see how that negates their so called mojo. + kinda shows it's a head game. You know, this world right here, where their bodies are...but then, they also tend to believe slavery, the Holocaust & many another atrocity were "choices." I bet if you could vote by saging a crystal & chanting a candidate's name while sitting yab yum... Ima stop now. (unless you were in line at 7 voting's over in the East Coast so the Nesto political pause is over. & no, I'm not shaming. I'm making a metaphysical critique. That's up my alley.)

Not all early voters get these but I'm glad y'all "late voters" are getting your bling on 😘

Goddess Laxmi
artist: Kamini Gupta

Deepa Laxmi
Laxmi Maa with her lamp.
Dear mother bring us wealth happiness & wisdom.

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