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Elise  ultraviolet eyes

love is your cat choosing to sleep on your sweater when she has the whole bed to herself
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I will be the first to swim in this sea, the first to traverse these mountains,
every step I take will be the first step ever taken here .

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mother nature opens her mouth
and out comes her wondrous voice


virgin blood
third blood
half blood
pure blood
friendship heal me
sun gushing
skin touching
nervous kissing
new moon
formed a band
called coven

"There is a flat way of seeing; I know it well; I live with it most of the day. And there is a spiritual way of seeing which comes to me suddenly, and when it does that day is rare. With this new vision I can see the innocence woven through all men and things, as though a shaft of light had fallen across treasured objects in a forgotten closet, and for a moment I live with this vision, and I and all things around me are changed."

"I wonder if the first person who found happiness,
gave it the name that it has now?
It's such a mysterious and precious emotion that you would surely want to tell someone about it-
enough to take you soaring through the stratosphere.
I wonder if the first person who found sadness,
was in love?
I'm sure of it, she had an important person she wished she had close by, cause she'd fallen in love-to the point she wanted to dive into an emerald green sea."

full moon
lunar eclipse

sanae dekomori

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