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  ~In love with their love #Devakshi❤ #Sharica❤ #ShaheerSheikh #EricaFernandes❤ #KuchRangPyarKeAiseBhi is the Best Show Express Emotions Wd Pictures😉~

Eid Mubarak To Everyone Celebrating ❤ Allah Aap Par Meher Kare💛
May he blesses you with loads pf happiness & health🌙
#eidmubarak #eid #shaheersheikh & Family #ericafernandes #shahrukhkhan

▪She wore her scars as her Best Attire.
A Stunning Dress Made Of Hellfire🔥
She has fire in her soul¤ &
Grace in her heart❤
Holds Her Strengths & Dignity as her Squire✴ #ericafernandes 👑✨
#ejf #SonakshiBose@iam_ejf
1st Edit by @/agrawal_divisha(twitter)
#kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi #KRPKAB

You there,
The one reading this now
I want you to do something ♡ SMILE♡
Smile because you are Beautiful😘
Because you are amazing😘
Because you are unique😘
Because you are an angel😘
Because you are a fighter😘
Because you let positivity win😘
Because you can😘
Because tomorrow is a new day😘
Because today is your day😘
Because u make million others smile😘
Because you deserve to😘
Because no matter what you think, many people love you, silently wishes fr your happiness & smile❤😘
Because your Smile is precious fr Us✨that the best makeup or accesory you wear😘
SoSmile MyBeautiful♡ @iam_ejf xoxo
Yayy!!9 days to go fr Bae's Birthday🎂Love this Capture😍😍 #ericafernandes #EricaMyInspiration #ejfianForever #ejf @ejf_fashion #fighter #StayPositive #IgnoreNegativity #Slayer #HatersHateCozTheyhaveFailed #ButYouHaveEmergedAsAWinner
#Rise&;Shine @iam_ejf i hope u read this ❤
@lfernan2 mam plz let Our Eri know this that we love her no matter what & her true fans will always support her☺

Firstly, thank you @iam_ejf fr standing against the odds and taking the needful stand, my respect & love fr you grew manifolds today❤ #SUPERGIRL
@shaheernsheikh @iam_ejf A heartfelt sorry fr the bashing, awkward situations, restrictions you guys have to go through. We know that you guys know that you both are paired & shipped together. But still some shippers create problems fr you, directs & indirects are showered upon u creating awkward, embarassing situations. As a shipper myself, i m so done with my fellow shippers & their childish attitude & actions.
And can't say a word fr bashers, they are so full of negativity that they fail to look beyond their spectacles. I don't know why we all keep on making your lives a hell, but sorry from the deepest corner of my heart from the fans, from the bashers fr the inconvenience you hv to suffer, for our obsessive love, hate & expectactions. Humans keep on expecting from the ones they love, but forget their limits & in dissappointment release their frustration, forgive your fans, haters & plzz ignore them. Just try to stay happy & unaffected. Live your life on your own terms. Your fans wud be most disheartened the day they will realuze they made you unhappy with their impulsive, childish actions. We just want your happiness😘
Wish you loads of love & success ahead❤ more power to you guys.❤ & i ensure you if anyday you will look fr any of ur supporter, i will always be here no matter what.
I know there is nothing like unconditional love but i can promises minimal expectation love to you both❤🙏 thank you fr everything & sorry fr the hurt.😭
Your fan❤ #shaheerbirdie #ejfian

Happy Birthday To this Graceful Lady Who has been doing a great work being the forever loved character Asha❤🎂🎈🎂🎉❤ Stay happy & blessed Ma'am❤
More to power to you #GirlPower
Keep up the good Work, its a pleasure seeing you onscreen😁
#happybirthday #AshaBose @moonbanerrjee #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi

Happy birthday lil munchkin❤😘🎂🎈
Stay happy & blessed cutiepie😙😙
Loads of love to #NaughtyAirah from the fans of your #Madmamu & his costar❤
#happybirthday #shaheersheikh #ericafernandes

Happy Easter To You Eri💕
Keep Shinning & Keep Smiling Beautiful❤😘

When you get to know that even the producers live #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi like we fans do❤🙏 its even closer to their hearts & work on every little thing to make it the best❤straight from the producer, it surely makes you happy
This is so sweet & makes me even proud as a #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi fan💛❤🙏
Just a wish left, want to know about the offscreen bonds of @yashpatnaikofficial @mamtayashpatnaik with @shaheernsheikh @iam_ejf
#kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi #KRPKAB @durjoydatta
@justshowbiz @mycitylinks

Cannot help but adore this beautiful couple❤ don't know much about them as a person but their precious bond makes me adore them. Their friendship & love is so visible in this pic. The way they work together, respect each other. I pretty much like how they are as persons.
Never seen any creative handling criticisms so well. They don't backfire on audience wd rude replies no matter how rude ppl get. Instead they would come up with solutions, improvements through their show. Answer us all, make us mum but through their show. Even the whole #krpkab team does this, they keep their work & professional/personal lives lowkey & still come up wd the best & steal the limelight💛 Handling success without letting it get into ur head is an art these two possess.Be the Same & keep up the goodwork. Have watched their shows like #Veera, #RBO #MNB but only got to know after #Krpkab
Can say it easily we get to see some of the elements of their relationship in #Devakshi too.
Won't be missing the oppurtunity to thank you both fr giving us #Devakshi our sweet charming adorable realistic couple❤ and the unconventional, realistic gem #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi
We fans often don't get the chance to thank d persons behind the scenes of the artwork which appears on our tv screens. But i know every #krpkabian must be thankful to every person involved from the deepest corner of their heart❤🙏
Also just a request @mamtayashpatnaik would love if you share wd us some of yr views abt the show, the #KRPKAB fandom , the cast & your bonding wd them.
Hope you give an interview soon!
#kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi #KRPKAB #Devakshi @mamtayashpatnaik @yashpatnaikofficial @shaheernsheikh @iam_ejf @beyonddreamsentertainment @durjoydatta

How can you not see, the pain the guilt, the hurt, the expectations, the craving , the care & most importantly the LOVE♡ for you.
I need you❤ I need Us.
One of the most serene shot of #KRPKAB #Devakshi
@iam_ejf @shaheernsheikh @mamtayashpatnaik @durjoydatta
#ericafernandes #shaheersheikh #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi

~○Ahh..I Get teary Eyed when I Remember the Most Special Day of our life, those happy faces..Ear to ear smiles!!!
How beautiful you looked, like a fairy came on earth..just fr me only me❤ And I felt my dreams are coming true...
How Charming You looked Mr Husband..the Man of My Dreams❤! And i felt myself to be the luckiest girl on the earth......only if💔
A Havoc tarnished Our life😭
That Day now Pains me like a Thorn..but Still the most Beautiful Day of my life and I Still Want To Cherish It For-Ever
I Wish,We Were Together♡
Yess...I Wish We Were Together○~
Pic cr- enum creations❤
#MajorNostalgia #SuperEmotionalafterSegments
#devakshi #KRPKAB #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi #ericafernandes #shaheersheikh
We celebrated their wedding like some in our family❤😭
Its just not special fr them but us too😭💔 @shaheernsheikh @iam_ejf @mamtayashpatnaik @durjoydatta

She is life❤😭
So happy to see you happy❤😇
Stay happy Angel💫 @iam_ejf
#ericafernandes #ejfthequeen

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