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Alright guys, if you pay attention to my fb, you’ll know that I had the opportunity to do a sensory deprivation float yesterday at Float Sixty in Schereville. I just posted a kind of lengthy rambling of my thoughts on it over there if you care to read it, but the bottom line is that I think everyone should experience this at least once. It was the most relaxed I’ve been in ages and allowed me to reach a much deeper meditative state than I normally can. There are a ton of different benefits to floating and reasons why people do it. I’m no wealth of information by any means, but if you have any specific questions, I’ll try to answer them. If you are in the Chicago or Northwest Indiana areas, I would definitely recommend checking @floatsixty out. The facility was amazing and the staff was great. They gave me a referral code as well so you can save $30 off your first float, just use “ErinW” when making an appointment. These are a few photos of the float chamber I used and a photo of me right afterwards. I am already looking forward to going again!

This place is wonderful, local friends make sure to check it out!

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I can’t tell you when the last time was that I had a beer, but @rightbrainbrewery is one of my very favorite breweries and they have my favorite lavender beer ❤️

Getting the heck out of dodge this weekend. I don’t need any father’s day feelings sending me into a spiral tomorrow. Instead we’re headed north in search of beautiful water and delicious food.

Last night was amazing. While several of her songs hold special meaning for me, this one is at the top of the list. I used to sing this to Mads almost every night when she was a baby and she knows that it’s one our songs. Hearing Brandi perform it live was definitely a moment for me ❤️ “I climbed across the mountain tops
Swam all across the ocean blue
I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules
But, baby, I broke them all for you
Oh because even when I was flat broke
You made me feel like a million bucks
I was made for you”

So excited to finally see her ❤️

Had such a blast today riding our bikes to the New Buffalo Farmer’s Market and reopening of downtown celebration. Good food, great people, and we took some time to hang out with some of our favorite Coldwell agents and see their new office. It was a perfect summer day ❤️

Had a great time with Paleo Joe learning about dinosaurs and fossils at the library today!

Well, this happened. Thanks @artbyamberolsen 🤣 but, @stillhousetattoo raised over $4,000 for the @stillnotaskingforit_flashevent today and that is amazing! Proud of you guys ❤️

Thank you so much @artbyamberolsen, I love it ❤️ Come out to Stillhouse in South Bend until 8pm today to support the Still Not Asking For It event. All the money raised at today’s flash event goes towards awareness and prevention of sexual abuse. There’s food, raffles, and other ways to donate if you don’t want to get tattooed. Come out and support an amazing cause! #stillnotaskingforit

Holy crap it’s been forever. Such a great visit with lots of laughs, memories, and Irish nachos ❤️

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