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Erin Gilmore  Teacher. Dancer. Yo friend. Sharing recovery from depression, anorexia, and bulimia. Find my weekly playlists on Spotify 💃🏻 Founder #StrongWomenSF💪🏻

Dancing my ass outta this week like...

Did anyone else feel like this week was 17 and a half years long? Yes? No? Either way, I am v happy to see her sashay away and keep it m o v i n g.
This morning in class, I talked to you about an agreement I made with myself a long time ago as an angry, depressed 20 year trying yoga. I told myself, you can be a miserable asshole to yourself and your surroundings, *everywhere BUT here*. I promised to keep my mat and practice a sacred space. I didn't even know what sacred space was at the time-it certainly wasn't one of the catch phrases of the day. I just knew that I didn't want to fuck up this special, rare, hate-free, space in my life. Instead I wanted to nurture, protect, and grow it. So, I offered that out to you. If you're having a hard time with yourself, create a space that is sacred and clear, and do your damnedest to keep it that way. And if you're not having a hard time with yourself? Smile. And enjoy that.
SONG: Glass by Luunes on #currentmood 101 linked in bio. And the next playlist is also public if you're interested. Xo

The two most repeated phrases in the Bible are "Do Not Be Afraid" and "Remember".
That line from the end of Love Warrior has been inserting itself into my head over and over this week. I'm certainly not the most religious girl on the block, but that's some advice I can get behind.

Found out my moon is in Virgo. And guess who else's moons live there? Madonna and Sharon Stone. I'LL TAKE IT. 👑👑👑
(If you've never done your natal chart this post won't make that much sense to you, but the sequence is still kewl and the SONG is Blinded by Emmit Fenn on #currentmood 101 linked in my bio)

This is an old picture of my aunt, and namesake, Erin. She's the one with the tough girl look and matching attitude. I friggin love this picture. I don't even know the story behind it (could just ask?) and I don't really have anything to say about it other than: lookit this cool old picture. 👀
What I will say to you are two of the thoughts I offered out to my four classes this morning:
1. Try not to mistake hard for helpful. (Maaaaybay ask yourself: is this progressive work?)
2. Differentiate between "I don't want to" and "I can't". (You may possess the ability, it's the attitude that needs work.) (duh.)

After class the other day, one of my students told me why she likes coming to my class more than most. She said it's because she feels a permission, an encouragement, to move freely and to explore the way *she* wants to move–not the way I want her to move. The thing she said that hit me the hardest (English is not her first language) was that she feels the "relief of being myself" in my classes. That was probably one of the greatest compliments I've ever received. That is exactly what I'm trying to get across and she put it perfectly.
Come move how you want to, and feel the sweet relief of being yourself with me tomorrow 10:30-11:30am FAH FREE YOGA! We are meeting at the Crissy Field Center (treasure map in my story). @sherpapower #sherpapowerhour
SONG: was supposed to be another song named Baby on #currentmood 101 on my Spotify Erin Gilmore BUT it got taken down so it's a song called Baby by Monte Booker instead! Xo

I'm having a bit of a morning so, I thought to myself: Self, who makes you happier than anything in the world? No brainer. NINA JAMES GILMORE! That's who. So I'm posting this for me. Just a happy, calm my ass down, visual. Even though, I was technically crying in this photo bc I was leaving her that day. ~E M O T I O N A L R O L L E R C O A S T E R~ #itsalifestyle #rideit. And, on a v related note: I'd like to announce that my sister-in-law is a GD hero and it was her birthday yesterday. She works her aaaassssss off being a boss professionally and then comes home and is an all-star mom/wife/sister/friend/human. Caite, I love you! I don't know how you do it but I love that you do and that I get to learn from you. Thank you for your miracle babies and I can't WAIT to meet the newest queen in August. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @c.b.gilmore 💃🏻✨❤️️❤️️❤️️

I could have sworn this song was Phil Collins and I was feelin it! It's not. But I'm still feelin it. I really like the sequence and playlist we are working with this week. I hope to see you move and feel yourself through it.
If you're around tomorrow at 9am, I'll be teaching in my new spot at Yoga Flow SF Ocean. Otherwise I know I will see my tried and true peoples at the usual Friday morning party times: 6am + 9am on Union st.
SONG: May I Have This Dance by Francis and the Lights in #currentmood 101 on my Spotify Erin Gilmore xo

Angry women will change the world.
(Deeply in touch with the hot fiery side of me this afternoon. 👋🏼😡)
In my stories I'm asking my SF friends to help this particular angry woman channel some rage into some change. Lmk if you've got a hook up. Xo
Also: FREE OUTDOOR YOGA THIS SATURDAY 10:30-11:30am Crissy Field. You-me-n-tea @sherpapower #sherpapowerhour

An old, tired pattern got to me over the weekend. I was v distraught and needed somewhere safe and accepting to help settle me. So, I decided to go to work. I sent a text to @libbymurfeyyoga and said, I really need yoga but I don't want everyone to see me crying. She told me to come and sneak in late when everyone was in child's pose. I said ok + thank you, but by the time I got to the studio, I was early and I had stopped caring if anyone saw me crying. I walked right in and was met with hugs and smiles and the acceptance I was looking for. No one tried to pry or resolve my issue, instead they just let me do my thing. My manager @britanyparadisyoga did her thing and greeted me with a big, understanding smile. Libby did her thing and taught a class that helped me shift. And @rach_gold4 did her thing of being my friend, and held my hand in half pigeon when my sadness revved back up. No one tried to fix me and I appreciated that SO MUCH. It reminded me of one of my favorite @glennondoyle quotes (what doesn't?!) that says:
When her pain is fresh and new, let her have it. Don't try to take it away. Forgive yourself for not having that power. Grief and pain are like joy and peace; they are not things we should try to snatch from each other. They're sacred. they are part of each person's journey. All we can do is offer relief from this fear: I am all alone. That's the one fear you can alleviate.
(-Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed)
And alleviate that fear-they DID. Also, how great is it that my work place doubles as my feel better place? PRITTAY SPECIAL.
SONG: Swimming Away by Prince Club and Geoffrey
( PS DONT FORGET SATURDAY FREE YOGA 10:30-11:30 CRISSY FIELD brought to you by @sherpapower #sherpapowerhour)

Hey y'all-GREAT NEWS! @libbymurfeyyoga and I are going to Mexico! YUS, children! You heard right! Hotel @villasayulita will be hosting us February 1-5 and we have sweet deals on rooms for you til November. We're so excited! Even though, Kobe clearly isn't. That salty stare on his perfect pup face is because he just found out he isn't allowed to go. Tough stuff. Don't be sad like Lil Kobebeef, book a spot. Take your ass to Mexico. 🤗✨💃🏻Link in my bio will take you off to more details. Xo
(📸 by the amazing and talented @freckles_afro_nyoga-who will also be with us in Mexico!)

This video was supposed to go to Kill em with Kindness but Selena won't let her shit on Instagram, SO OK SELENA! I subbed your ass out for Maggie Rodgers' Alaska and it works juuust FINE.
It isn't the fanciest vid in the world but it was a v happy one. I was super nervous about a big teaching gig in Santa Cruz with @runsheisbeautiful and if you watched my stories, you know that I ended up feeling AMAZING afterward. I described it to some of my friends like "up-leveling" in your confidence/ability to do your craft. Like, I unlocked a new level or hit that super power 🍄 in Mario Bros. Teaching that day, it fully felt like ME. 💯 authentic ME. I've been seeing more and more of her when I'm teaching and it gives me this feeling of: wow. I am actually really fucking good at what I do! Would you LOOK AT DAT. 🤗 you know that feeling??? Ugh. So good.
FREE YOGA THIS SATURDAY 10:30-11:30am on Crissy Field in the Marina. You me and some tea, bb. @sherpapower #sherpapowerhour
MISSION FRIENDS! I'm now at Yoga Flow SF Ocean Ave which may be closer to you than the Union st one. I'll be teaching TUESDAY/THURSDAY 9am and this studio also does student discounts so if you know any college kids looking to get their minds and bodies right-let em know.
I'll be at yoga flow SF Union my usual times this week.
FRIDAY 6am + 9am
SUNDAY 6:15pm
Alright. Hope your life is treating you right. K. Cya out there.

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