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Erin Matthews  Spending my life answering the question “what does a medium talented, medium hot, medium funny girl do for a living”

Is this...good leadership?

trying hard to be soft! 🍁 my mom told me today that people leaving cults exhibit symptoms of BPD and now my whole teenage hood makes sense. are you ever done processing trauma????? like geez

Our country is falling apart! I kind of think it should even though idk what that means for me! Bye!!!!!

Staving off my quarter life crisis with macarons from France! Also my brother is here WEEEEE

From @feministabulous . I even caught myself doing some of these. Don’t agree to any of this administration’s blatant lies, even in how we frame and address the issue. And CALL YOUR REPS


Thanks for going along with my harebrained schemes. Let me do harmonies on house of water again ❤️ @pauliwrath @jamesroy ❤️

I took an attachment style quiz that said our relationship was fearful-avoidant, but we both know it’s just avoidant 😉 HFDD!

Congrats Caroline and Henry! And also Daniel on that BEARD !!!

Thx @jalexmendoza for all these minimally blurry pics. Peep that TX flag in the background tho!

let’s be friends forever

Photo dump of the past week or so. Being out of school sure does make you feel groundless. There’s no more cohesion to your life. I don’t have any pretty words about it yet but it did give me a cold sore. I’m excited about my friends, my new job, and my growing-slowly-in-tiny-amounts confidence 🌷

Look at how different my face can look !!! I go in and out of feeling rly insecure about sharing my natural face on social media, so here’s a side by side comparison 4 tha haterz 🌶 It’s nice to remember that both of these ppl are equally valid and smart and creative and happy in life !!!!!

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