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Erin Keough Photography  Believer. Proud wife. Mommy to Jonah & Logan. Photographer of love in Lancaster PA and beyond. Traveler. Girlie girl. 📷

Last week was a doozy of a week at casa de Sennett’s! Toddlers are crazy and keep you on your toes, that’s for sure. I can look back at last week and laugh about it now but phew! Going into this new week like these two. 👆🏻Laughing all the way. Because the days are long but the years are short. Friends, have a good week! And if you’re a mom of a toddler and need to feel better about yourself message/text me for a laugh (Jonah shenanigans). My stories won’t disappoint.

I’ve been photographing @jennabutz since 2012. Back when we were just two engaged gals gushing over wedding plans together. Now we are both proud mommas gushing over toddler life and boy mom life. Although, soon they will be welcoming baby girl Emilia Joy to the Butz family. I am so thankful that my clients and I can grow together and share in one another’s joyful life moments. There’s more to see of this family on my blog. Try not to smile when you check out Bennett’s adorable personality captured!

🥂Cheers to the new year. ✨
I’m “cheersing” to happiness, a healthy family, new adventures, get togethers with new and old friends, good food, better wine, lots of sunshine days, endless baby snuggles, minimum toddler meltdowns, new opportunities and to reaching goals left and right! 👏🏻👏🏻 And to you, my EKP followers! Wooo!
Welcome 2019!
So tell me, what are some things that you’re toasting to?!

2018 turned out completely different than we thought it would. We had plans to move to a new area and lofty goals to crush in our personal lives and for my business. ⭐️
Valentine’s Day, we found out we were expecting surprise baby #2. All of our big plans were put on hold. We stayed right where we are and Derek’s prayers of finding a new and more fulfilling job were answered.
We made precious memories with Jonah and traveled when we could. ⭐️
But here’s some truth. 2018 was filled with a lot of fear and anxiety for me. Could I handle life with two babies? Is my business going to fail? Will I still be a good wife and friend through all of this? I let fear steal my joy. At times it was crippling. ⭐️
I vow to never let fear get in the way of my life like that. Ever. Everything turned out better than I could have imagined! Way better! I’m learning to balance this new role as stay at home/work from home mama wife as I go. I’m trying to give myself grace from now on. ⭐️
And in 2019, I’ll be leaning into God’s plan for my life even more. Trusting His timing more. And asking myself questions in a different way. What if I CAN do this? What if WE can do this? ⭐️
I encourage you to do the same. Wishing all of my loved ones the most fabulous year.
Photo by @brittneykreider

Looking forward to diving into this @anniefdowns book. #100daystobrave2019 starts tomorrow here with Annie’s instagram family. The book is on sale right now at @target. Gifted to me by my bestie @atruebeliever05. Amanda, you’re such a light in my life and an inspiration to so many. I’m so proud of your bravery always and cannot wait to see where 2019 takes us.

May your spirits be bright ⭐️ Merry Christmas!!

All is calm all is bright ⭐️ Four more days!

Bless you precious child. Sweet little are fearfully and wonderfully made.
You are an amazing gift from God and you are deeply loved forever and ever. Xoxo

6 days until Christmas. I can feel the chaos slowly dwindling down. It’s been a whirlwind past couple of weeks in the life of the Sennett family. Why is time going by so fast?! I’ll be over here watching @dereksennett bake cookies tonight (he’s the baker of our bunch) for our friends and coworkers...and taste testing them.
In the midst of the holiday busy-ness, remember to snap silly family iPhone photos like this one to look back on. Because next year, Jonah and Logan will be taste testing all of the cookies with mama and our kitchen will be a lot more messy! 🍪

I interrupt your scrolling to bring you the most gorgeous bouquet! Ahhh! What a work of art for Valerie and Christopher’s big day! By Arianna Hargas at @botanical_blueprints. Seriously, take it all in. 🙌🏻

Enjoying some quiet time before the kiddos wake up.
Jokes!! My kids are my alarm clock and I’m sipping this now cold tea and reading my @lysaterkeurst devotional in these hot mess express pajamas wishing I would have gotten up earlier today. But it’s so hard! Giving myself some grace this Monday morning. Telling myself I can rock it out during nap times this week to get all of these galleries out to my wonderful clients. We can do it.

We found our tree! Have you?
Are you guys a real tree family or artificial all the way? Can’t wait to watch Jonah’s eyes light up as we string the lights.

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