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If I could just sum up for you how my life seems to be going right now in a photograph... I call this "a portrait of my best intentions" 😭

Nope Mom. This is not ok. 😾 #snowmageddon2017 #yyj #snowdaynumber2 #westcoastcat

Umm... which province am I in? #snowday #westcoast #snowmageddon2017 #yyj

Good morning Vancouver. A welcome time out. #vancouverisbeautiful #westcoastbestcoast #westendyvr

Well. I'll be reluctant to go back to any other kind of theatre again. #datenight

2nd macaron attempt. Run flavoured shells. #trynewthings #macarons #frenchpastriesforbreakfast #lovemykitchenaid

Goodbye 2016. Glad to say good riddance to you with some pretty fantastic friends and a lot of laughs over cards against humanity. #happynewyear2017 #goodbye2016

This year I was continually humbled by the love I am surrounded by and the knowledge that distance doesn't matter. I married my best friend and vowed to become the kind of force with him that can survive the largest hurricane as long as we are a team. I went back to William Head and back to school and filled my life with a world of helpers. 2016 brought big love, big change and big loss. It has shaken up almost everything I know about who I am and where I belong and I'm not sad to see the year go. Ready to meet 2017 head on and bring all of the knowledge that loss and grief and change can bring you into every decision of the new year. #2016bestnine

The smell of the woods at 0 degrees. No filter necessary. #goingtoschoolinaforest #deepbreath #justicestudies #royalroadsuniversity #chillyvancouverisland

Tisdale coffee date with Frosty #tisdale