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E R I N R O S S ❥  Sm:)e🤗 •Identical twin👯 • Business inquiries👉🏼 •Providence College '19 "In a world where you can be anything, be kind 💛"

All on Instagram cake by the poundd 🎂

Breakfast is so dope because you get to basically eat dessert in the morning without any judgement ⚡️👅 HAPPY FRI-YAY BABES💛

ATTENTION: it’s my baby’s birthday 🦋⚡️🌸I cannot believe that you’re actually 18 today. You’re officially an adult?? the eff is that!??!?! WHEN TF DID WE GROW UP??😅☹️ Anyways, I am so so so proud of the amazing young woman you have become💛 You are with out a doubt one of the strongest, funniest, sweetest, & most beautiful girls I have ever met and I am SO blessed I get to call you my family 💛🤩 I know you’re going to continue to accomplish amazing things and I promise I’ll be there supporting you through it all💘🦋🌸⚡️💛 I love you with my entire heart and I hope today is amazing and this year is the best one yet filled with endless love, laughter, & success! Here’s to you Princess🍻💛 I CANT WAIT TO CELEBRATE TOMORROW NIGHT!!!Xoxoxoxxoxo

Take a ride on my energy 🌀

We were the only three who got ice cream last night....wonder where it went...😉🍑⚡️🍦😜 #peachy #bootyfood #gains #icecreamgaintrain 🍦🍭🍭

What days is itttttt????

If you know, you knowww ✖️
@kaleighboynton @erikarossox

You are you and that is your power 👄

This is what I’m currently doing after going live & answering all of your questions 😇🦋 @halotopcreamery has my heart. 💛 I hope you guys liked it, if you want me to go live more comment a “💛” This way I’ll know if you all actually read my captions 😜😎 Also, I just watched my live video & I want to apologize for legit ignoring all of your guy’s comments!! I wasn’t looking at the screen🙈 I got more nervous than I expected tbh & I’m usually not camera shy but I didn’t have Eks my little side kick with me so what can I say😆 Anyways, if you joined in I hope you liked it 🌸⚡️💛🤗 If you didn’t and want to go watch it, I posted the live video to my story!! Goodnight every body! Much love. Xoxo🌸💛🌞🦋⚡️

Selfies are the move lately ⚡️ . Especially because I just spent a good part of this 2 hour drive to Rhode Island taking selfies :) :) :) What can I say, put me in a car with free time, natural sunlight beaming through the windows, & a full face of makeup (a rarity this summer) & you get SEFLIE CENTRAL 😇😛.
Anyways, idk if you saw my story BUT ask me a question and I’ll answer it on a live video later then post that live video so even if you miss me actually being live you can still watch and listen to my responses to all da questions 🤗🌸💛🦋 . I’m currently in Prov running lots and lots of errands with my momma & eks⚡️we’re getting ready for the school year to commence and to be packed with stuff to do from sun rise to sun set🌞🤓 is anyone else super excited for the school year to Starr & fall??🧡⚽️🍂🎃🏈 WE AREEE👻 Happy Tuesday love bugs, I hope you are all having wonderful days! SMILE it looks good on you & the world needs your light😇🤗🤩💛 xo . Workout & diet plan⚡️ LINK IN BIO⚡️

Good morning Beautiful people 🌞💛🤩⚡️ I haven’t gone to bed yet :) :) :) I thought it would be a good idea to nap at 4pm so here we are at 6am wired⚡️🙉 #smartdecisions FTW!! Anyways, to all my early birds out there, HAPPY TUESDAY💛
Today’s quote: “The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live” 💭 so today GO out there and LIVE🌸🦋😇⚡️🌞 KILL your Tuesday and do it with a smile on your face and warm ness in your heart. 💛 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & you’re going to have a wonderful day! Xo that’s all bed/ nap time for me 🙊🐻🌙 xoxo

Free spirit 🦋

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