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E R I N R O S S ❥  Sm:)e🤗 •Identical twin👯 • Business inquiries👉🏼 RossTwinsFitness@gmail.com •Providence College '19 "In a world where you can be anything, be kind 💛"

My heart is gold and my booty is real 👸🏼 • Workout & diet plan @RosstwinsFitness.com ✖️ • Link in bio ✖️

Loook it how tan me and my BUDdy were😫 #summerwya 🌞

In the city of wonder, ain’t gonna play nice ✖️✖️

How we feel about spending saint paddy’s day in Europe 🍀😜😜🤗

Everybody knows that twins do it better 👯‍♀️ Add the snap @Doneyourway and hang with us via snap all day/ night 😇😇

A little bit of Erika by my side 👯‍♀️

Messy bun and getting stuff done🤓

Missing @crichh, summer, @crichh, starbs, @crichh, bathing suits, @crichh, the beach, @crichh, my pool, @crichh, my tiki bar oh and yea @crichh 👯‍♀️💛☹️ Counting down the days until we can continue to be extra af side by side and together 24/7👯‍♀️👯‍♀️💛💛💛💛 I LOVE YOU @crichh get ready to get punted!!!!

- Here’s a daily reminder that you’re never too young to dream big and you’re never to old to dream. In fact, dreaming is essential. Dreams become plans, plans become action and action becomes goals. Remember, dreams don’t work unless you do & if you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help them build theirs🤨 That said, don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny💛🤗 Now stop waiting around for your dreams to come true and go out there and make them come true. After all, there are only seven days in a week & someday isn’t one of them!! 💫💛✨🤗 I hope you all have a wonderful day remember to smile, the world needs your light!! Xo

GÜD EVENING INSTA FAM💛😇 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend/ beginning of your week! This pic is fresh from my snap taken just a few hours ago prior to my workout... &&& I look the same? Like I normally do, right? (I think I do) granted I’m doing my “big booty” stance 😇😉 butttttt I mean for the most part I look the same. Ironically enough so, I ate the crappiest I have in a long time this weekend & I genuinely felt like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag after all the 💩 I consumed! Brussles (located in Belgium) is famous for their BElGIUM waffles, BELGIUM chocolate, fries, and beer SO what does one do upon visiting for the weekend??? TRY ALL OF THE ABOVE 🙈😻😫🥞🍫🍟🍺 I genuinely believe that if you want to experience a different country’s culture you have to try their food.. cuisine is a central part to a cultures identity!!) THAT SAID, here's a friendly reminder that eating like 💩 every once in a while is okay🤗 GUYS; Your tummy deserves sugary, fattening, filling foods every so often & as I always say, a happy tummy is a healthy tummy😇 ALSO as I’ve mentioned before there really is NO SUCH THING as "good" food or "bad" food... TOO MUCH of anything is bad for you! ANYWAYS, my point is that there's no use in hating yourself after satisfying your cravings or simply having a cheat meal, day, or week. Maybe you did eat a little bit too much, oh welll.... like I've said before just like no one has ever gotten skinny from eating one salad no ones ever gotten fat from eating one donut. As hard as it is to recognize this, it is crucial. Today, instead of saying I blew it, all my progress is ruined I might as well continue to eat like shit, I got right back on the gain train. I got back to my normal diet and used all those extra calories as fuel to kill my workout! 😆 PLUS if you want your 🍑 to grow you need FOOD! That said, next time you eat like crap and maybe cheat alittle remember that you are fine!!! YOU did NOT ruin all your progress, just like I didn’t this last weekend!!!!! Don't be so hard on yourself, just get up, drink some water, get back to your normal routine and continue to slay💛😘💪🏼 WORKOUT & DIET PLAN @ROSSTWINSFITNESS.COM🦋

Ever eat such crappy food that you genuinely need like a carrot or some type of vegetable to make you feel some what better about yourself?? Bc after Brussels this weekend, same. I genuinely walked into my apartment and before even putting my bag down I walked into my kitchen where I proceeded to eat a carrot. 🥕🥕 Here’s a tb pic to summer as it serves as a replica of what I did when I looked in the mirror after eating my carrot 😂😅 RANT TO COME ON HEATH & FITNESS & how/ what I’m doing to stay on top of alll that while traveling Europe!!! Stay tuned. 💛🥕😇MUCH LOVE 😙😊✌🏼 #balanceiskey #fitness #heath #fitchick #carrots #hashtag #later✌🏼✌🏼💛😚 Workout, diet plan, & t shirts available @RossTwinsFitness.com🌙 LINK IN BIO🌸🌸💛

Don’t care where I am in the world, as long as I’m by your side 👯‍♀️

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