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↠E R I N⠀R O S E↞  💕wifey ➕ mama bear ➕🐶🐶 🌟 Fitness, Personal Growth & Diet Coke 👯lets be friends- 💻

We are house hunting this weekend! Wish us luck 😝

A new adventure called and we are answering! The Roses are bound for TEXAS!! 🐃

This will be the third state we have lived in in less than two years (Utah 👉Georgia 👉Texas) and we seem to be making a habit of spur of the moment moves across the country but I can't ever claim our lives are boring 🤣

The struggle is so real!

Merry Christmas (Eve) from the Roses!


We are pretty excited that we got our family Christmas Jammie's last night! 🍩🎄 we originally had matching pjs picked out but Aj said we looked like a cult of lumberjacks ⛏so we all got different Christmas jams 😂😂

🙏🏼 I didn't brave the crazy lines in the store but I went craaaaazy online 😬 #butitwasonsale #blackfriday

Me and Zoe snuck out for a quick walk before the feasting begins! Especially grateful for my supportive husband and my healthy little girl this year

BALANCE! George Forman grilled cheese burger (with Weber gourmet burger seasoning) in a romaine lettuce leaf

I got dressed today, which is (sadly) a really big deal. When you never get out of your pjs and nap away the afternoon every day it's much easier to wallow.
Through a series of hilarious life choices I ended up at target with my friend yesterday barefoot and in my pajamas 😳😂.... in my defense @chelsealeelee said I wouldn't have to get out of the car...let's just say I don't want to make today a repeat of yesterday so I put on actual clothing (I'm talking jeans here people, not yoga pants!) and makeup and got out for some #hobbylobby retail therapy this morning. I have some serious pre workout caffeine keeping me out of my bed this afternoon (yay! At least I can have caffeine again 😂 #SilverLining #LaughSoYouDontCry) so I can clean my filthy house.
How's your Thursday going? #ItIsThursdayRight? #IveLostTrack

🙌 #mymotto

I decided to get out and move today. Activity is important to my physical and mental recovery but it became super apparent how much my body has been through this past week, I was crazy worn out after only a one mile walk. Onward and upward from here

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