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Erin Pelicano•Jewelry Designer  Fine Personalized Jewelry Collect it • Wear it • Share it • Celebrate Your Story • Created by Mom of 3 • Family • Friends • Love • Made💗USA • Etsy

Mother’s Day season 💓 “a mother can touch a whole generation just by loving her own child well.” - unknown #mothersday #motherslove #mommyhood #motherhoodsimplified #mamalife #etsyfinds #Mothering

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanore Roosevelt {{ 14k Gold with Sapphire or Ruby }} #graduates #believeinyourdreams

Our necklace was worn on @theamericansfx this week 😍😍 Happens to be My Favorite Show!! Paige looking amazing, leather + spying + our Gold Better Together necklace. Regram @holly_taylor ❤️ Thanks to the opportunity with @theartisangroup #theamericans #smallbusiness #womeninbiz #the80s

There are absolutely no limits in life because life is full of love and endless possibility ✨ #infinitelove #forevergrateful #weddingchicks #momlove #theverygirl #pursuepretty #followyourpassion

Life's been a little hard with our little family the past few months, and I've been more quiet then usual.

Mom Survival Mode + Entrepreneur Survival Mode

My 11 year old son, basically sums it up in his note that melted my heart. I've been worried and frustrated getting medical help for my middle child.
As a small brand, and family business, I try to strike the right balance of sharing my life. Hoping this isn't an overshare, I'll spare you the long details, but it is down right, real life behind the scenes. We've been blessed with 3 healthy children, and every night I pray for God to keep them healthy, happy, and safe.
Last summer my son had a series of a few mysterious health issues that cropped up, lots of doctors and tests, then it settled and seemed to go away. Then this winter, symptoms returned with a vengeance. We've been to 3 children's hospitals, had endless doctor appointments, labs, tests, and procedures. And as I sit here writing on the first day that feels like spring, we still don't have many answers. At the moment he is improving, but it seems we need more time to find the answers and plans to heal him.

This my friends, is the hard side of #Mothering. I just want answers and to heal my child. And I'm not patient. And as a women educated in #engineering, I need an immediate tidy solution to the equation. Carrying an extra heightened sense of anxiety and worry about your child feels like a weight tied to your ankle when you just want to swim in the sunshine. Every waking moment, and sleeping moment too. I've stopped my daily crying, and I'm reaching my fill of medical internet searches. I'm blessed with my family and friends that have been here for us endlessly. If praying is your thing, we could use a few extras here.
I do know, he will be ok!
I am excited to focus on what I LOVE TO DO: And over the next week we will present to your our new collection pieces I've been working so hard to bring to you!

As always, we are FOREVER GRATEFUL for our community that supports our small family business. #momlife #authenticmotherhood #motherhoodsimplified #mompreneurs #momlove

Motherhood: Peridot for Positivity & Creation + Pearl for Patience & Nurturing + Ruby for love. New in the shop. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing more about what’s kept me quiet lately. Life throws us some tough times, but I’m incredibly grateful for all of my favorite people. #motherhoodsimplified #momlifeisthebestlife #mytribe #familyandfriends

The days that you remember always. And those perfect little treasures you keep forever 😍 #memories #heirloom #weddingday

First Communion prepping for my baby girl 🙏🏻 #loveher #mamasgirl #faithful #firstcommunion #growinguptoofast

Creating your look starting with the accessories 😍 It’s all about the jewelry and the shoes #weddingday #feelprettty #shoeaddict Thanks to this styled photoshoot @tuppermanor

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