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Hangin with Guy Fieri was cool but the Mavs winning the friggin WCHA Championship was waaaaay cooler! 😈🏆🧑🏼

if i’m on my yoga mat you can bet your bottom dollar i’m gonna be smilin’😄 until we have to do “football runners” in sculpt class cuz those are actually the worst😩 #canigetanamen

Long caption alert🚨 Promise it’s good stuff though, so put your glasses on and get cozy. Life seems to move so fast, so it’s easy to take the simplest things for granted at times - family, conversations, health... 2018 was unreal to me; I had a lot of incredible experiences, gained new friends and amazing people I now consider family. These people have added so much value to my life. I couldn’t be more grateful and not sure I deserve all of this! But on another note, over the past few years I have unknowingly put up a wall to guard myself from feelings of grief and sadness. Lately though, I’ve been listening to the voice inside, allowing myself to greet any emotions of sadness/pain/fear with a FIRM handshake. And if it leads to tears, that’s fine. Right after my dad passed, I was “friends” with sadness...welcoming it, acknowledging it and talking about it. “Feeling is healing” was my motto. It’s been 6.5 years since we lost him, and I seem to have distanced myself from that motto. I wouldn’t play songs that reminded me of him because I would have rather not let myself get sad that he wasn’t here. I began to feel numb and only wanted to experience happy feelings and positive thoughts. Ironically, that was only more harmful to my mental state. I developed anxiety, and I wasn’t allowing myself to be present as a result of trying to move past the wave of grief. I’ve come to learn I’m gonna be grieving for the rest of my life. So hell yeah, I’m gonna play that “Fix You” song by Coldplay, or anything James Taylor, so loud and sing from the tops of my lungs. And I’m gonna cry, but I’m gonna feel so good afterwards. Reflecting on where I’m at and how I got here has motivated me to make an effort to be more present again - letting my emotions soak in and feel the pain and sadness. Appreciating the amazing people in my life every day. If we don’t do these things consciously, our brains can lay a thick fog over us. Good news, we can lift the fog. Be vulnerable. Be happy. Be sad. Be thankful. Be present. Feeling IS healing. I’m ready to receive all the feels in 2019♥️ If you’re struggling with grief or sadness, or in a numbing fog...I’m here for ya. #mentalhealthawareness

Got a pic with my favorite Mav!! 😈🧹 #helmetsoptional

Livin life on the edge 🙃

A wise man once said, “it’s all in the hips.” 🖐🏾🐊 #shwingggg

Sweet Lou might have broken my glass, but I’d say he gets a pass😎 #softhands or #butterfingers

This shadow photography stuff is so cool, but it really brings to light just how high the arches of my feet are😜

2 things: yard work can be fun sometimes... and yeah, tailbone is absolutely 110% broken. #forthegram

Our first fight... Don’t worry, we kissed and made up. @johncoatta how’s my form? 🥊 #tbt

Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular was lit!!! 🎃

If life were a remote, yoga would be my pause button. Some days I get stuck in fast forward; going through the motions. So I’m grateful for when I stop to take some time to just be here. Purposefully present in my body and in this moment.

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