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Erin Stiehler  One day I'll find something witty, sweet, mystical, and powerful to write here...

Friends staycation at the Peppermill was so good. Singing, dancing, gambling, steak, pizza, whiskey and all the fun. Love my people!

My guy turned 29 yesterday! 🖤
I’ve spent the morning laying in bed looking at photos of us and our adventures over the last few years and scrolling through his social media taking a second to look at the world through his lens. The conclusion I came to, I LOVE @letsbeoutlaws SO FREAKING MUCH. He is so smart and clever and fascinating and works incredibly hard and loves me so well. And the worst part about it... I forget how amazing he is almost daily, if you didn’t know this about me (I’m sure it’s obvious) I’m a critical, opinionated, overly honest person who likes things exactly as I like them... and this sweet man has worked so hard to fit into my expectations just to make me happy and daily I still find things to correct him on. It’s not fair and it sucks. I’m not here to air out our dirty laundry (I think that’s the saying?) but as I was writing this post about how amazing my husband is, I was convicted about my need to be less critical and remember how wonderful he is everyday and not let my unrealistic expectations taint that (marriage is hard). I’m telling you all because I feel like it’s important to see both sides of someone’s life on social media and because I want to be held accountable. Anyways, I love Bobby and am so thankful I get to be his wife and celebrate life with him. #stiehlerstyle #wifelife

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest and best friend @kaylashan ! Love you so dang much and wishing I was with you to celebrate, luckily I have like 23 years of celebrations to reminisce about.
BFF&E baby.

Spent the first half of today in our clean and cozy living room. Thankful for this space and how the little tweaks we’ve recently made to it make it that much more enjoyable. I love building a home with @letsbeoutlaws.

Today was pretty prime.
#travelnevada #tahome #tahoerimtrail

I’ve been loving watching the olympics... so much. Tonight during the men’s freestyle skiing half pipe finals I took note of how encouraging the announcers are when a competitors fails at their run due to a fall or mistake. They kept saying things like “you have to commend them for their bravery” and “any effort is phenomenal” It made me think... what if we treated one another that way when we fail or make mistakes or fall down? (Cheesy I know) But for real though - what if when the people around us fail and make mistakes we encourage them by seeing how brave it was to take even the smallest step and commend them for their effort. I know that would boost my confidence and drive to keep pressing forward significantly. I think we can make some real impact on the lives of the people around us by praising them for their efforts rather than criticizing their mistakes.
#ilovetheolympics #foodforthought

Just taught a super hard workout plan that I was really proud of AND I have new @soulspacefitness swag that I’m pumped on!
Feelin’ the gym love a little extra today. 🖤

Spent the day in @northstar_california with my sweet babes. It was freezing but beautiful! ❄️

We’ve had little to no Winter in Reno this year and the prettiest snow storm just started and it’s making my heart so happy! ❄️

GALENTINES DAY is the best day. Love my gals ❤️💌💗

Braids for days...

My first @1secondeveryday video of 2018! This month was packed with so much fun and friends and drinks and fitness and music and babies (all my favorite things). Thanks @elizabethawinkler for the inspiration! #1SEme #1secondeveryday

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