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We were both told that we look tired 🔮

Starting off my 33rd birthday today with embracing feminism and my painting practice. This past year was really challenging. So much ♥️to my friends and family that supported me through it. I feel that birthdays can be a reset button and I'm pretty psyched to start owning myself, my health, and my work. ☮️♏️☪️💟☯️ #traceyemin

Fellow artist friends, I'm moving studio spaces come December 🤗🙏🏼and I'm downsizing a bunch. I'm giving away all this spray paint, hot glue, hot glue guns, acrylic paint, brushes, gum turpentine, tape, screws, a tripod, a tee pee, copper piping, car cleaner, space heater, one wood canvas, and lots more. DM if you want it. Must be picked up by Monday of next week. ❌⭕️

Finally finished this bb "Ivy aka The Cove" for the lovely @iseelybuntain & @gregorybuntain . Have been working in secret on this painting for the past 4-6 months. Happy to finally reveal it 💓felt really good to make a painting about 💞love and listen to Frank Ocean non stop. 💘

Happy birthday to my Scorpio soul sister♏️☯️, twinning for life, 👯beautiful🦋, aura loving🌈, most giving🙏🏼, best dance moves🐆...I could keep going but, you are the best🌻 @_m_o_n_i_c_a_ and deserve a great new year around the ☀️ ❣️

My youngest client was not impressed 😂🤦🏼‍♀️👶🏼😇

Hey guys! I'm auctioning off two of my smaller paintings for a really good cause to help Puerto Rico with relief efforts after the devastating effects of hurricane Maria. There will be drinks, there will be music, and lots of great art! Please join us on Thursday November 2nd 6-9pm to give love and support to our fellow Puerto Rican friends and family. The effects of hurricane Maria have hit home for a lot of us. For me personally I am donating these paintings specifically for a close friend of mine who lives in San Juan, love you Marley @mar.maid ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey guys, this Friday night my little bb here will be available for purchase through an auction with @changingtidesfoundation which will be hosting a Caribbean disaster fund at Tradesman Bar in Brooklyn 9pm-midnight. This project will focus on the smaller islands and communities where attention and relief efforts have been scarce, starting with Barbuda, Antigua and Dominica. I won't be able to attend but, please go to 222 Bushwick Ave and buy this little guy! If you can't make that there will also be a another highlight fundraising event will be held October 15th from 1-6pm @manacontemporary in Jersey City for Surf Craft, a benefit auction for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, hosted by Juxtapoz Magazine to benefit both Waves for Water and Changing Tides Foundation. GO BUY SOME ART!

"Fruit Punchin" 72x48in oil paint, spray paint, and sand on canvas. Composition inspired by @foxfodderfarm done by @moss_head 💄🌹🍃

"Avalanche" 60x48in oil paint, English breakfast tea, spray paint, and sand on canvas. 🥀👅 composition inspired by @foxfodderfarm done by @moss_head

"Look for my glory" 66x54in Oil paint, spray paint, & sand on canvas 💡🌼 Composition inspired by @foxfodderfarm done by @moss_head

One of my babies just produced a cacti seed, who wants it to try and grow a 🌵

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