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ELC  Current: Mommy Dead and Dearest (HBO). Priors: "Thought Crimes," 2015. Voyeur, Filmmaker, Twin and Journo. Puppy enthusiast. Can't stop, won't stop.

HEY WINTER. ITS TIME TO LEAVE. Thinking of warmer times with the PRINCE in my life Gary Lin at Jenny Lake in the Adirondack Mountain Range #garythepup #greenzone #winterblues

Pushing it too hard methinks #healthcareforall

I am very proud to be of Irish heritage but I am pretty sure Joanie O'neil And John Carr had something to do with it ☺️🍀🤔 #luckoftheirish #sincebirth #stpatricksday ALSO: SNOW SUITS IN MARCH #minnesotan

THANK YOUR PEOPLE. Thank you to my director of photography and guy-Friday Bryan Sarkinen @bryansarkinen who is lovely, funny and just a goddam amazing DP. Lugging those one 1x1 light panels AND 17 BAGS OF KIT while having a goof makes doc filmmaking the best job of my life. ❤️ you. Introduced by our mutual favorite @a_rossi @sxsw

When I told them our movie is airing the day after Mothers Day and they said they would tell all their friends to watch. #fanboytv #sxsw #mommydeadanddearest #thisdoclife MAY 15 on HBO

Best humans! Morgan Spurlock, Rod and Kristy Blanchard and the incredible Sara Bernstein after our second sold out screening at @sxsw @kristy_blanchard @sarabdocs @morganspurlocknyc #mommydeadanddearest #hbodocs #thisdoclife

♥️💙♥️ #mommydeadanddearest at @sxsw

Femme fatale. @_jubjub_ has a pony tail. Hands off ladies! #SXSW premiere of #mommydeadanddearest

That BOSS BLAZER life. Primere in t minus 2 hours... #mommydeadanddearest #blazer #sxsw makeup and hair by #milkandhoney

Happiest birthday to one of the coolest, smartest, generous men I am lucky to call a friend (and obvs very handsome, see evidence). Lucky to know you @michaelborrelli17 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The guy on the left is embarrassed FOR US. Me and dad at SXSW 2012 edition. #sxsw #incoming @grainyms

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