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Erin Lipinsky  Pulled by tides of grace | Co-piloted in life by Rascal the weenie dog | you're*

This perfect Houston weather is giving me all the good feels! These photos represent moments that choosing to put myself into the elements changed the way I saw myself and harbored my strength. The outdoors will always equal solace to me. It has this pure ability to bring about simultaneous feelings of inspiration for the future, and gratitude for the present; of wanting exactly what you have instead of having what you want. It’s that deep exhale that “damn, life is an amazing thing,” and eyes-closed inhale that it really IS all good. It’s that friend whose silence in a conversation is all you need to see the big, beautiful picture. Some days it’s found wandering the streets of Sydney, or cuddled up in a tent, or stumbling around mountains or coastlines. Some days it’s found right in your (my) backyard in SW Texas 💗🤷🏻‍♀️

Mornings with mom: a collection of little weenie cuddles pre-coffee 💗

Texas hill country, Texas wine, Texas women 💗🥂

@paigemaster8 and I after a few glasses of wine: “Let’s all get together for July 4th!” — texts group text, flights booked, days requested off, road trip planned — and here we all stood! It’s always been like that and it’ll always be like that 😘 Cheers to that and to these bestie babes🥂🥂🇺🇸

By far, the cutest Cowboys fan I’ve ever seen 😍 Love you, beebee nephew!

Cheers to this birthday babe ❣️ May your life, love, and wine glass stay full all year. I Love you, baby sis! 😘

Degree in mischief since 1995, TTU just made it official in 2018...I wouldn’t have missed this day for any country in the world! LoveyouloveyouLOVEYOU!

These are completely out of order, but whatevs- enjoy, ‘cause they’re GORGEOUS (New Zealand, not my picture taking skills) ESPECIALLLLLY the curly-haired babe in pic 4... I saved the best for last, though- To the lovely Wanaka, and the beyond beautiful people who so graciously hosted us for a week, the love is SO real. We can’t thank you enough. Seriously, come to TX (or wherever @paigemaster8 and I are). K, enjoyyyyyyy

Me: Sweet, it’ll be warm in NZ until the end of May-ish... — New Zealand: Winter is coming...

Thankful this one lets me bully her into taking pictures with me everywhere we go 😘 Thank you, New Zealand, for this perfect Easter hike!

I still can’t pronounce “Taupo” correctly...

When I was 13, I watched Lord of the Rings from the comfort of my lawn chair, on this janky sheet of a screen, outside in a field in the small town my dad’s family lives in. This was MUCH cooler. MOUNT DOOOOOOM! Also, side story: @paigemaster8 used to carry this trilogy of books around with her in the 4th grade... the 4th grade... 🤓

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