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Erin James-Brown  Produced an incredible and hilarious panel on intersections of identity and faith. Check it out!


Some days you need to hang out with friends and run into friends and enjoy a long, lovely afternoon. ❀️

I've been so enraged at the death of Anthony Lamar Smith in St Louis and the acquittal of the white former police officer who murdered him. The more I learn about the deadly encounter of Anthony with government sanctioned law enforcement and the assumptions made about Anthony after his murder the more my blood boils. Did you know the former officer shot at the moving vehicle, which is against protocol and extremely dangerous? Did you know the whole encounter lasted six minutes? Did you know that on surveillance footage you can hear the former officer say they are going to kill Anthony? Did you know that the weapon found in the back of Anthony's car only had DNA evidence of one person on it, that of the murderer, the former police officer? Did you know that in his reasoning of the acquittal, the judge wrote, "an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly." The assumptions about Anthony Lamar Smith made by the police and the judge confounded and angered me. Then I walked past this photo of Mike Brown and the police officer who fatally shot him and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I am reminded of Heather Heyer, the young white woman counter protesting white supremacy in Charlottesville who was killed when a white supremacist drove into the crowd, and her last post on Facebook, "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention." If you are a white person just starting to pay attention, let's talk. If you are a white person and outraged, let's work together. Healthy anger and thoughtful awareness make great fuels for love and justice.

Cubbie 🐻 with @joelallenbrown

Created stickers ... because I can #bosslady

Thanks for the birthday wishes and for celebrating my entry into the world yesterday. I am so thankful for my 32 years and look forward to many more kickin-ass and takin-care-of-business years ahead. @joelallenbrown took me out for a romantic dinner, my cousin reminded me with a photo that I've always been a little weird, and I began a practice inspired by @christiantcoon to write out all of my accomplishments in the last year. I feel energized for the year ahead. β€οΈπŸŽ‰βœŠπŸ»

How do you celebrate Labor Day? Today I ran, danced, ate cookies and read about labor in US history including slavery, indentured servitude, Jim Crow, labor unions... while listening to The birthday Bey. Duh.

The cutest triathlete out there today! 😍 @joelallenbrown

THIS IS EXCITING!!! 😱 There are great things in progress. Stay tuned! @deborahjianlee @mxbarclay @d____sf__k

It's been a long day and I'm definitely a nasty woman. PTL for the justice work to which I get to contribute. It is an honor. πŸ™πŸΌ

I lost my bike lock key. For weeks my precious bike-friend sat outside my co-working space begging me for release and another ride. Today we celebrate freedom! πŸŽ‰

Reading "Where Do we Go from Here: Chaos or Community" by Martin Luther King, Jr. and these lines sounds eerily familiar for today. "The great majority of Americans are suspended between opposing attitudes. They are uneasy with injustice but unwilling to pay a significant price to eradicated it."

My sweet bear 🐻

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