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Erin Foster  ✨Undiscovered Model 🐝 Head of Creative @bumble

I wanted a dress that said “I would breast feed these babies if I could.” #baby2baby ❤️

I don’t want to live like this anymore. #commonsensegunreform

As someone who’s perfect, I can’t relate to this, but if you have anxiety, depression, stress, or trouble sleeping you should download @happynotperfect

“It feels like all of America is awaiting the results of a biopsy.” - @jenafriedman 🤞🏻

I really wanted to enjoy fall in LA, so I went to New York 🍂

Love my two moms ❤️

Is it too late now to say sorry? 🙏🏻

With Sara home recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, she can’t dim my light. A star was born last night. ✨@alc_ltd at the @palisadesvillage

This is the kind of outfit that will make your ex magically appear and run into you.

Only just recently learned this important lesson.

Our episode of @commentsbycelebs podcast is live. Find out what KLANG means, and if Sara and I have participated in a threesome together? 🤮

Like Beyoncé, I think when you’re a star it’s important to employ your family members. Helps with all the jealousy.
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