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Erin Foster  Undiscovered Model

2013 when me and my hair peaked together in Hawaii.

Sara might be presenting at the billboard awards without me, but her seat has my picture on it 💅🏻

I never get tired of looking at flattering photos of myself.
@lalignenyc ✨
@theory__ ✨

What part of candid don't you understand, Sara?

I come to kid bday parties for the hot dads and the photo ops.

Being a mom is disgusting, I've seen it up close. Sara and I teamed up with @fridababy to make some Mother's Day cards that actually reflect how we all feel. Print them, regram them or just look at them on ✌🏻

Flashback to when Sara and I were in a huge fight, ended up at the same event, got seated next to each other, and then posed for a picture like the fake people we are ✌🏻

The problem with dressing this sexy is that you never know who loves you for you or who's just using you for sex.

Bunch of basics.

Tryin to get that all American ass shot 🇺🇸 Stagecoach has changed me.

There's always one friend in the group who doesn't honor the dress code, even though it was stated in several emails ✌🏻

I've got a secret non racist redneck side of me, and she loves Stagecoach.

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