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Ohio wasn’t our first choice to spend the summer, but we’re making the most of it. Last week we went for a hike at a state park. What fun! Bixby walked the hole way there and needed some help back. This swinging bridge at the end was a fun surprise. 🏞

🌸 P E O N Y 🌸

My mom had a bush in front of our house growing up. I loved to watch the ants work their magic. Now I’m tempted to pick these wherever I see them. Their blooms last for too short and bring so much joy!

My 3rd Mother’s Day, complete with Kam’s traditional “Mom cakes.” I started the morning before 5 am, with a fussy baby with a 101.4 fever! 🤒😢and ended the day with a fire and cocktail. In between I wrote some sad letters, reminisced over birth photos, played with Bixby in his club house, watched lion king (or “Rawr Ling” as Bix says), FaceTimed with the grandmas, smiled at all the Mothers Day posts on social, and got anxious (good & bad) about starting my second contract tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! 👦🏼🦋🦋 #Mothersday #travelnurse #miscarriageawareness #cheersmama #thirtyone #momlife

22 hours in Charlottesville, VA to see Chadwick and Jenna. Yay family! Walks, park, tree climbing, delicious food at the restaurant were they both work, trolley ride, balloon lions, free concert, and brunch at the campground. 💚

🌴I asked God for many things this last week in our vacation in Florida, some big and others small: 1) for a complete sand dollar when there are fragments everywhere, so he gave me this tiny gem (and one a day after that), 2)for a new travel assignment, and he gave me one in Ohio, 3) to see a dolphin, and finally on day #7 he gave me dolphins in the morning and dolphins in the evening (see my stories). 🐬 Looking our over the ocean each day, it is very clear that God is a big God who created a big world and an seeming endless ocean, and yet even these these tiny gifts were sent to care for me. 🌊

Today’s fun: an airboat adventure to see baby alligators!! 🐊 We saw lots of tiny little alligators, plus this medium sized one, and at the very end and adult-sized alligator ran & jumped into the water. We all loved it! Because we had to wear ear muffs to block the wind and engine noise, Bixby did the sign language for “more” as we floated back to the dock. What a beautiful day.

This boy was made for the beach. 🏖🐠🌴

Not a bad place to all home for the week.🏝

This week we are on vacation in Florida. Trying to relax and find a new travel nurse assignment at the same time... sunsets, sea shells, and sand in the RV! 🏝🌅

Headed to our second destination with the Travel Trailer today! The funny thing is this picture of our home we might look the same at our next destination— though there might be more palm trees. 🏝don’t worry, we’re bringing the Bix, though sometimes he’s just not in the pictures 😉

He is the best of me, and brings out the best in me. I admire his happy-go-lucky attitude and his love for the out-doors. (And he hasn’t put down that lion since the neighbor girl gave it to him 2 days ago). You do you, little man!

Snippets of our surroundings in Georgia. 🌺 // When it’s baby’s naptime and it’s 80 degrees, you go outside for some C R E A T I V I T Y & fresh air. 🌰🌼

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