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That feeling when class gets out early and you already have a babysitter til 5 and you haven't had "me time" for 1 week shy of 1 year.

Home, home, home on the range.

4 generations on the 4th // πŸ‘΅πŸ»πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

11 months // this month seemed to be all about swimming, being outside, and playing with friends. One more month of your first year, Bixby. Better make it count!

Bixby boy is 11 months old today! (& this is probably the first time I'm posting about it on the right day πŸ˜‰). // time keeps trucking along, and next month we'll have a 1 year old!! What??? Bixby loves to crawl and walk along the couches, and looking out windows, and climb stairs, and take baths, and clap his hands, and pet dogs, and read books, and eat meat, and play with grandparents. He's so smart and shows us new tricks everyday. // Slow down baby boy. ==> Swipe for this month's picture outtakes; it's impossible to keep this boy still!

Work all night, hike all day. // Spent the morning hiking with my NICU coworkers in Custer State Park. I love it out here! (So does Bixby boy) 🏞

Happy Fathers Day to the guy who is the best dad for our son. Who puts his family first. Who has the corniest dad jokes, even if he's the only one laughing. Who would go to the the end of the world and back for me and Bixby. Love you to the moon. πŸŒ™ Thanks for all you do, @kamtoews.

Second after planting my flowers, this massive giraffe made out of car parts from Zimbabwe fell on them. I shouted "My Begonias!" thus fulfilling my destiny to be a crotchety old plant lady. 🌸#gardenfail #mybegonias #crotchetyoldplantlady

How did they know? #spraypaintedontheroad

Friends. @la.haan.08

He's still 10 months old, so it's not too late to post this, right? // Baby Bixby isn't a baby anymore! He toddles around the living room holding onto fingers, the couch, toys with wheels! He's taking this parenthood thing to a whole new level! While he doesn't sit himself up yet, he can pull himself up to a stand while laying on his belly. Who has time to sit when there's so much walking to do??? His favorite word to say is "light." And while he's still breastfed, milk is more of a snack because there's no time to sit still when there's much to explore! What a joy it is to be your mom, Bixby boy!

Bixby knows by experience, sand is not for eating. πŸ–

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