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Erin Bonett 🇮🇲  Gym owner, Physio & 🤰🏻CrossFit athlete ➡️ @spartan_fit_ | ERIN10 ➡️ @glc2000uk ➡️ | ERIN15 ➡️ @heavyrepgear athlete | BONETT10

My heart melted a little bit today seeing this face ☺️ Baby is weighing in at just 2.2lb, exactly 1kg #28weeks

Productivity level 1000000 today 💁🏻‍♀️🎨 12 hour day working at gym started with the perfect avocado and ended with the perfect roast dinner. Costa L latte & caramel crisp from @lynnilott at half time was unreal 🙌🏼 Going to bed with a happy soul 💆🏻‍♀️ #gettingshitdone #productiveAF

Giving my body what it wants. Two scoops of oats, half water, half milk, two whisked eggs, 1 passionfruit, 1 nectarine, walnuts, pistachios and pumpkin seeds.
So much health in one little bowl 🥄
#healthybreakfast #27weekspregnant #6monthspregnant

When you ask on family banter whatsapp group “Anyone fancy the ozza loop 🚶🏽‍♀️💨” and your sister in law turns up 5 mins later in full running gear with a bottle of water in case we get thirsty on our RUN. Okkkkk there has been a miscommunication. I thought I’d offered out some company for a power walk. She said “I thought the smoke after the little woman emoji meant a run”. 6km later and the bump is like WTF I thought you said after last month that would be the last time we’d run that far. I’m feeling quite proud of baby Bonett this eve for putting up with the madness x

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5 back squat at 85kg feeling heavy enough today straight into 1➡️10 box jumps (instead of burpee bar overs) with 10➡️1 OHS at 30kg
#crossfit #27weekspregnant #6monthspregnant #backsquat #boxjump #overheadsquat @heavyrepgear #heavyrepgear @spartan_fit_ #spartanfituk @glc2000uk #glc2000 #extremenutrition

Back from holiday with a plan. Let’s 3,2,1 go
#business #life #letsdothis

Missing the kisses from the sun ☀️

Who goes on an all inclusive holiday at 6 months pregnant and loses 2kg?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I had bloody cankles last Friday and now I have abs 😂 #26weekspregnant

Sicily & Pompeii 🇮🇹🌋 and a few from life on board 📸🚢👫💛

An afternoon in Palma yesterday followed by a day at sea today ☀️🌴🚢🌊 En route to Sicily #cruisin

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