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Erin Bonett 🇮🇲  Gym owner, Physio, CrossFitter & Mum 💟 ➡️ @spartan_fit_ | ERIN10 ➡️ @glc2000uk ➡️ | ERIN15 ➡️ @heavyrepgear athlete | BONETT10

3 weeks old today and this hungry little babba is finally out of tiny baby clothes and into newborn 💪🏼
Very proud moment this evening coming downstairs after treating a physio client to find @danbonett1 bottle feeding her breast milk that he heated up in hot water from the freezer. I’d given him brief instructions but I didn’t think he’d need them as I’d only just fed her. He’s never fed a baby in his life but she was screaming for milk and I wasn’t there. He’s a natural X

18 days post partum and I am feeling good and ready to start SLOWLY getting back into some exercise other than just walking. Today’s workout was extremely gentle with my other PP friend @roxannealexandria and we focussed on pelvic floor & glute activation with a little bit of very light upper body to finish. My posture felt so much better after this!
Your GP will advise 6 weeks before exercise and you may even need longer than 6 weeks. I was very lucky to have a birth with no complications which is why I feel ready much sooner. Also my physio experience means that I have a much better self awareness of what I should/shouldn’t be doing. Make sure any stitches have healed and that you have stopped bleeding before you think of exercising. Take your time and make sure you are ready! There is no rush
P.S. Holy melons batman 🍉🍉
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Jesse’s reaction when I told her she wasn’t due until today. Does what she wants 💁🏻‍♀️ #happydueday #doubleV

As promised, here is my birth story #nofilter
Throughout pregnancy, I had been attending monthly scans to keep an eye on baby’s size as they were aware that I was still exercising and wanted to ensure that this wasn’t affecting the baby’s growth. Everything was PERFECT until 38 weeks when they said that her growth had hit a bit of a plateau and they also weren’t happy with one of the readings of blood supply into baby’s belly. They asked me to come back the following night (Wednesday) to get induced. They’d normally have to put a tablet up ya foof to start dilating you but on assessment I was actually already 1-2cm dilated and slowly going into labour myself anyway so they told me to go home for a good night sleep and come back in the morning (Thursday). We arrived at the hospital at 6am and went straight into a delivery room. They broke my waters at 6:30am and put the drip in to start my contractions at 7am. By 7:20am I started having contractions which were fairly manageable until about 11:25am when they became almost unbearable and I felt ready to push. They got me on the bed and checked me out and I was fully dilated and ready to get baba out. There was no point having pain relief at this point and I was worried that any pain relief would make me feel sick anyway so I just gritted my teeth and she popped out less than 20 mins later after about 4 big pushes. Dan said she shot out at 100mph as most of my waters were behind her it was like a log flume and she nearly slid off the table haha. Then they went to pass her to me but the cord was so short she only reached my belly button so Dan cut that then passed my baby girl up to me. Pushing her head out was worse than any CrossFit WOD I’ve ever done (JEESUS THE BURN WAS REAL!) but the prize at the end of it was worth every second. She’s 11 days old now and I’ve already forgotten about the pain cus she’s so bloody beautiful xx
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Had the BEST afternoon at my baby shower 🥂🍰 Thank you to @jopup123 for organising & hosting and to everyone who joined us for the afternoon for some tea & cake. Jesse was a very lucky girl and was spoilt with more gifts and got to meet her new friend April 👯‍♀️ Also check out this amazing barbell nappy cake from my talented cousin @sally_kennish 💝 (P.S. Jesse’s outfit change due to first poop explosion 🤦🏻‍♀️😆)

Throwback to 1 year ago raising money for Rebecca House as a ring girl 🥊 Good luck to everyone in Thriller in the Villa tonight especially cousin @j_rodcallister 💪🏼 #charity #thrillerinthevilla #ringgirl #hospiceiom

Happy 5 year Wedding Anniversary to my husband, best friend, and father of my beautiful baby 💛 @danbonett1

1 day before vs 1 week after.
Labour was pretty smooth sailing so I have bounced back fairly well. I am loving life as a mum and in absolutely no rush to start training again. (I’ll post full labour details another day). I’ve been on two short walks with pram so far - just taking my time and just enjoying every minute of every day with my baby girl.
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Flexin her muscles at Daddy @danbonett1 💪🏼

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