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Erin Shoemaker  ✨magic is something you make✨ 🇦🇺currently: sydney, australia with my three babes 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

A month later... #secondkidprobs. Emeline turned one with her Auntie @kim.s.jones and Uncle Casey in town, celebrating with cake and ice cream, and nonstop fun. Still not quite walking, she loves to dance and loves to pretend she’s talking on the phone by putting a hand over her ear, tilting her head, and saying “Heeeh?!” Ending the year with two lonely teeth doesn’t stop her from eating everything she sees Caleb eating. She sleeps about 10 hours and wakes twice a night, with two hour-long+ naps during the day. She is very easy-going, relaxed, and smiley as long as Mum is around. When Mum leaves, she’s a totally different baby. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We love you so much #emelinemisue and we are so happy to be your family and do life with you sweetness! 💗🌈

If you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts 💕 #mumlife #beachday #friendsforadecade #calebhasafootonhisface #sorrycaleb

We ♥️ 🐨s

Happy 1st birthday to our sweet baby Emeline! 🦄💕🌈 What a year it has been. You are so calm despite the chaos around you. You are never shy about wrinkling your nose and refusing something, nor squealing with utter delight when embracing something else; I hope you are always true to yourself. The other night you tried to wipe Caleb’s tears away; I hope you are always kind. When we pick you up, you immediately wrap your arms firmly around our necks; I hope you always love so fiercely. And your raspy laugh! It really is the best, even at inappropriate times. Please don’t ever lose that. Happiest birthday to the littlest Shoe, we all love you so much 🌸 #emelinemisue

Moving here sure has brought the fam closer together—in more ways than one. I hope we’re always this close, but not always in a 2-bedroom apartment. ♥️ #downsized #shoemisadventures2017 #shoepartyof4 📷: @memoriesbymim_photography

Mama + son date to see Play School Live! #mommylovescaleb #teoisourfavorite #calebdances

From a year ago; now he has less hair but wore that shirt yesterday. Also: I miss that kitchen. #tbt #calebkalanishoe

Baby E got her first two little teeth! She is cruising along furniture and wants to stand by herself so bad! Almost there, boo! She has also discovered the joy in hugging stuffed bears super tight and squeals with happiness. She will clap and dance with you if a catchy song comes on. She is such a ray of sunshine! Happy 11 months baby girl! #emelinemisue

Sunday funday with some of my favorite humans (and a stick) ❤️

Friday night out with Momma! We miss you @_xokris_ ❤️ #threegenerations #mominsyd #canyoujustmovehere #mommasgirl

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