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today marks 7 years you've been gone. 7 long years. 7 painful years. 7 years i haven't heard your voice or laugh. i haven't seen you smile. i haven't hugged you. i haven't gotten to listen to your jokes. i miss you more every single day. I dread this month. this day. every year. As this year is my senior year, it's really hard. especially tonight being senior night it's even harder. it doesn't seem real that you've been gone for 7 years. I miss you so much. i miss our 'granddaughter and grandpa dates'. i miss our inside jokes. i miss your hugs. i miss how you always had peppermints or some kind of hot candy on you. i miss your phone calls. I wish I could call you today. Just to hear your voice, just to say i miss you a lot. Just to get one last advice from you about life or senior year. i love you unconditionally and i always will. you will never fade from my life or my memory. i'm thankful to have had spent all the time i did with you. the two photos here are probably my favorite ones of you. The first one makes me smile since you tried taking a selfie before selfies were even a thing. the second one always brings me happiness because it feels like i'm seeing you. thank you for everything you did for me. thank you for watching over me and the family even though i wish you were here with us today. thank you for being a man i'll always keep in my heart. i love you grandpa. i hope heavens treating you well as you deserve.

i miss my best friend 😒

even though it's not sunday here's a senior post πŸ™ƒ

As I went through my icloud after resetting my phone all these photos came up under wendys location. Even though working at wendy's gave me a lot of stress it will never compare too the memories & friendships I made there. I miss the crew members, managers and sometimes the place itself. ❀ (some people weren't tag but you know who you are πŸ’•)

happy birthday susan!!!

today one of my best friends, @ayye.its.ashleyyy.99 turned 18 today. i love you and miss you so much! our memories will stay with me forever, thank you for all the laughter, deep conversations, smiles and moments i got to spend with you. i hope you enjoy today with Zach and his family. I miss you dearly!!! I hope 18 offers you so many adventures, laughter and blessings. Here's to you turning 18!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!! I LOVE YOU.

adventures i'll always be down to go on

A lot of close family and friends have seen or heard about yesterdays car wreck. The photos above are pictures of my car and his. I'm so thankful that there are no major injuries and we will all be fine. As the officer told me yesterday, "you are a lucky young lady and so are your siblings. your car should've flipped and not spun like it did. usually accidents like this are so much worse and you should be very blessed. your guardian angel up above was watching over you." I'm thankful that not only one of my angels up above has us in their hands. Everyone is okay just some concussion, bruises, burns and some braces. do not take anyone or yourself for granted on this place. also to the gentlemen who was also in the car wreck, thank you for helping for what you could. thank you. my car will always be replaceable but my siblings are not. rip margo.

"im not who i was one year ago and maybe, just this once, change is good." - E. Grin

soooo proud of you ! you were stunning !!!

just because i missed you a little more then usual today, i know we talk everyday but today was a rough one without you. specially since it was the first wednesday night without you. i love you. keep adulting in tennessee. πŸ’•

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