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Erin Williams  Fifth generation in big sky country, and grateful.

Thanks for following me, thanks for leading. So glad to get to celebrate you today. I think you’re breaking in 28 just right. Love you.

One of the best treasures out on the trail, Prairie crocus (Pasqueflower).

Sure do love me some springtime Montana mud, just not quite the same anywhere else.

Pacing through the Ponderosa.

Surrounded by the best people, taking big leaps.

I may not feel any more ready for the big changes ahead, but Iceland gave endless snow canvas, infatuating solitude, and freckled cheeks. Iceland said, you can choose.

Dancing down the mountains because it’s our thang.

Transitions, like the free fall moment in a ski turn or the unpredictability in a seasons change to Spring, are moments to ride that edge and be there.

Up here is a lifetime of exploration on skis (and then some more).

Iceland says no ‘bouncy- bouncy’ on da moss (takes 70 years to grow back), so we are getting really good with our ski ballet.

The mountains just keep going, so we do too.

Oh yes, we went for it.....was there ever a storm? What a day.

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