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Erin Williams  Fifth generation in big sky country, and grateful.

Racing to look at Lolo snow.
Official race 📷: @walterdefoe

“Far light on the Bitterroots
scrabble down willow slide,
changing clouds above,
shapes on glowing sun-ball
writhing, choosing
reaching out against eternal
azule...“ - Gary Snyder (Straight Creek Great Burn, 1974)

Home for a few trails, with my favorite smile.

Eyes on the end of the week as if it were an evening golden hour.

A few good miles, Macklemore, and the occasional Utah trail crew. #sharethetrail

Looking for Fall colors amidst all the book learning and exam pounding.

The Rut 50k was the best high energy, catered (seriously the volunteers are unbelievable rockstars) big all day push out in Montana mountains. So satiated, so sore. #iloveshalerunning #runtherut

Channeling some strong women and dear friends to kick the week off right. This kindred spirit in particular.

Never to early to give the skis some love.

Back under the big sky.

This is my all time favorite photo of my mum. Why? This is her. All the time. Even when there is no energy left, this is the face. She is push, laughter, optimism, and sparkle. She is my mum.
Happy birthday! I love you.
The perfect 📷 capture goes to: @jahrig

When your suddenly back at the trailhead and feel like you just left, but have a few thousand plus feet and some-teenth miles traveled, you know the mountain time was good.