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  ▵ good vibes only ▵ california native • world adventurer ✨ yoga teacher based in Lisboa, Portugal ॐ Private lessons:

Join me for yoga tonight at 19:30! The class is in this beautiful studio @foodprintzcafe!! 🌼💜🌸
See you tonight! Much love 🙏

🔹 Y O G A 🔹 S C H E D U L E 🔹
18:30 - Vinyasa (60 minutes)
20:00 - Hatha (60 minutes)
19:30 - Hatha | Vinyasa (75 minutes) @foodprintzcafe.
19:30 - Yin (60 minutes)
10:00 - Vinyasa (60 minutes)
Message me to sign up for classes this week. See you on the mat! Much loveee 🙏💙☀️

Sending loved up vibes to all of you today ✨🙌✨

Image from @teekigram

Never forget to have a little fun with your yoga practice. Our practice doesn’t have to be serious all the time (although I’m also very guilty of this too) 😁🙏
This shot was taken while playing around with handstands after teaching @ministryofyoga last night. I absolutely love the students and energy of this studio! 💜✨

📷: @ewanwallace

There has been a crazy heatwave in Lisbon for the past few days. We all feel like we’re melting!
Here are some tips to cool down:
* Chandra Bhedana Pranayama (Left Nostril Breathing) activates the moon side of the body to create a cooling effect
* Seated or lying down spinal twists to release excess heat in the abdomen
* Gentle backbends to release tension + heat in the abdomen
* Forward bends naturally cool down the body + calm the mind
* Chakravakasana (Cat-Cow) is a perfect blend of a gentle backbend and forward bend
* Extra long savasana to completely let go, relax and ease intense/warming energy in the body ❄️
Stay cool everyone 😎

📷: @ewanwallace

The art of surrender 🌊💙🌌
Image from @yogaglo

Y O G A ✨ S C H E D U L E
Monday @ministryofyoga
18:30 Vinyasa (60-minutes)
20:00 Hatha (60-minutes)
Thursday @foodprintzcafe
19:30 Hatha | Vinyasa (75-minutes)
Saturday @hotpodyogalisboa
10:00 Vinyasa (60-minutes)
Looking forward to practicing with everyone this week! Much love 🙏

Today is a great day to be alive!!
Sending good vibes to all of you! Much love ✨
Image from @foreverconscious

Happy Monday everyone! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Class schedule for this week in Lisboa:
18:30 Vinyasa (60-minutes) @ministryofyoga
20:00 Hatha (60-minutes) @ministryofyoga.
19:30 Strong + Slow Hatha | Vinyasa (75-minutes) @foodprintzcafe.
10:00 Vinyasa (60-minutes) @hotpodyogalisboa
11:30 Vinyasa (60-minutes) @hotpodyogalisboa.
If you have any questions, please DM me 💜 Good vibes abundant this week 🙏 Would love to see you on the mat!
Much love x

Image from @wearesacredlight 🌸

Love this beautiful studio I get to teach at every week! 🌸🌼🌺
Join me every Thursday at 19:30 for 75-minute Strong + Slow Hatha | Vinyasa yoga classes @foodprintzcafe.
This space has such an amazing energy 〰️ I’d love to share it with you!
See you on the mat! Much love 💜

The marine layer didn’t fully burn off today, but I’m always happy to spend time by the water! It makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful 💧

Class schedule this week in Lisboa:
☼ Wednesday - 17:00 @ministryofyoga (60-minute Vinyasa)
☼ Thursday - 19:30 @foodprintzcafe (75-minute Hatha Vinyasa)
☼ Sunday - 10:00 @hotpodyogalisboa (60-minute Vinyasa)

Contact me to sign up for classes! See you lovely people on the mat 🙏🤸‍♀️
Much loveeee!

Before hitting the beach tomorrow, join me @hotpodyogalisboa at 10:00 for a 1-hour Vinyasa class!
Excited to return to The Pod after a couple weeks off! Much love! 💜

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