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Endangered species! Belted chameleon! (Frucifer balteatus) This one is a male you can tell this by the roster projections! AKA the horn like things on his nose!;) #chameleon #Madagascar #eriksquestforkids

Looks like a garter snake but nope its Bibilava lateralis discovered in 1854 by Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril I did over this one as I walked up the stairs to the arboretum in Rabomafana! #snakes #Madagascar

The Biggest tree frog I've ever seeen!!


BACK TO NATURE! I am so grateful to be reminded of what a walk in nature can do and how important is is to take time to tune in' Truly recharged thanks God Thanks Nature!! Thanks Life!! Enjoy today Peace joy and happinesz always Love Erik

Win win help kids get a book annnd be entered in to win this Jeep wrangler!

Jeep raffle is in effect!with soul 2 soul in the backround!! To be entered in donate 35 dollars to our go fund me

JEEP WRANGLER Raffle ! change children's lives world wide with Erik the Reptile Guy:)) tickets 35 bucks need 1200 annnd all dollars will be matched by the Kamal Foundation!

TBT Leaving the forest and full of gratitude to have had this is experience quest for kids is onto the next destination!! SO FUNNY DIDN'T POST THIS MESSAGE UNTIL NOW THIS WAS MY LAST DAY IN MADAGASCAR IN FEBRUARY 2015 AFTER ALL THE PAIN THIS WAS A REMINDER OF THE INFINITE JOY THAT'S ALWAYS THERE..And is a true reminder to be grateful thank God whatever your beliefs just be the joy!! Please view our gofund ne in memory of Kely and Tell #IMKT #IMOKT . #eriksquestforkids #erikthereptileguysquestforkids

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