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Erik Callender  Human Being with a joyful spirit ! Full of appreciation for life, learning and love for all that resides on our planet !


MS.B has been in captivity at least 9 years! Although she seems content...And is truly a wonderful animal. I’ve seen these lizards wild in Borneo and that wildness has been dormant during her time here. and if anyone knows of a possibility or has an idea of sanctuary or works in conservation . My dream is offer her a chanceto live back in Asia at a sanctuary.. In the mean time She will be living @smoothwaterswildlife Park Thanks to the awesome staff there and friends who made this mission possible! Thank you @smoothwaterswildlife @stwwraps @perfectbodiesautobody @behindthefencegallery Lisette Greg Loni John B so appreciate all of your support! Cheers Peace Love ❤️ and Respect Nature Always!:) -E


Caimy made it! It is truly a gift to give back freedom to these beautiful creatures... Caimys human Dad passed away a few years ago and I promised the family we would find her sanctuary and her she’s is!! Thank you @smoothwaterswildlife @perfectbodiesautobody @stwwraps @behindthefencegallery

Wow what a gift! On my way to see Wally gator for our project and Crawling along is a gopher tortoise!! I was the care taker of one named poly some years ago who was taken out of the wild 40 years prior... although she was very well taken care of she passed on...I’ve learned that there is a great reward in leaving nature as you found it and here it’s illegal to touch or disturb them as they are a protected species... soooo cooool !

Enjoy every moment and live your dreams !!

999 miles till Caimy reaches her destination !

Be confident! This is a scene from the most inspirational movie of my childhood called #theneverendingstory it truly changed my life and the memory of this scene allowed me to cultivate confidence throughout my life! My mother took me to see it when I was around 7 years old.. 33 years later I am still inspired ! Be confident everyone and live your dreams ! This is the key to bringing joy to our entire planet! Thank God for this and Michael Ende who created this sacred masterpiece! Full of Love ❤️ Erik

We are never alone....:) shine on brothers and sisters! Full of ❤️

Book number two is finally here!! Truly grateful to the children and friends,mentor Dr. Patrica Wright for inspiring me to move forward in the direction of my dreams... it took 2 weeks to complete and two years to believe in my self and take the steps toward knowing it was possible to shine ! Shine on everyone and just do it! Do what you love and live your dreams!! Thank you again all love Erik !!

Pink sky at night so de lightful ! Sometimes I wish I could eat sky! Haha

Wishing everyone a beautiful day for your light to shine fully each day!!

Everyone deserves to be Free it’s time to be free! Truly grateful to Wally for showing me this lesson and for everyone who helped make this possible ! 1000 thanks Joan Marc Tracy Ramona Greg lisette nathan. Katie @wallysroadtrip @perfectbodiesautobody @smoothwaterswildlifepark @stwwraps @behindthefencegallery

Manateees!!! Truly magical to see these beautiful creatures in the wild! Wow

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