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Erik Callender  Human Being with a joyful spirit ! Full of appreciation for life, learning and love for all that resides on our planet !

Wow!! Look at JJ in his evening colors !:) truly spectacular!! He is a Malagasy species and becoming quite rare in the wild ! However the pet trade has contributed to the full circle ⭕️ of loss and gain of this species in the wild!! Alas, JJ is an ambassador for his species. Because of this many people will be aware of his action to bring awareness to the awesomeness of his species ! :) Stay tuned ! Peace joy and happiness always Scientifically yours , Erik the Reptile Guy # chameleon #naturephotography #naturelovers #pantherchameleon #awesome #animals

JJ!!! This animal is truly a gift !! The 4th panther chameleon Frucifer pardalis I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and and super duper friendly! He is one of my favorite animals to bring to presentations and truly enjoys it!! More to come from this awesome creature! PS remember to always follow your dreams and enjoy nature!! Peace joy and happiness always Scientifically yours, Erik the Reptile Guy #pantherchameleon #jj #animals #lizardsofinstagram #naturephotography #naturelovers

Happy Sunday!!:)

Dancing in the Raaaaain!! Sooooo full of appreciation to Begin again!! Just over a year ago, I decided to take a sabbatical to explore a way of sharing nature without bringing my reptile family along... Because of this I’ve learned that Love is Love, and sharing your love for the things that make your heart sing is a precious gift !! Alas, my reptile, amphibian, and bug family, and I, decided to share programs once again!! Only this time, with a Newness, and Awareness of Love unconditionally! Big thanks to Brandon and family for the gift of Big Mama!! If you’d like to meet her and have fun learning about the world of Reptiles and amphibians send us a message ! Enjoy the day Peace joy and happiness always, Scientifically yours, Erik the Reptile Guy 🐍 🐢 🐸 🦎

An I help Daddy?

Hello 👋🏾 my name is JJ!

We’re getting ready for a new Season!! Sometimes life sends you a challenge so you can witness Miracles! Will share full story soooon!! Peace joy and happiness always Love Erik

Locust!! Yeah used to catch these all the time at the day care center in Queens when I was 7 years old till we moved Truly the beginnings of what turned into life Long love for Nature !:)

Notice he’s in catatonic state just before creating its cocoon! Fascinating!!:)

Wild Tomato horn worm!

Look at the skin...there appears to be little microbes crawling about!

Good evening ! Sluuuuuuuuuugs rock!

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