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Erik Callender  Human Being with a joyful spirit ! Full of appreciation for life, learning and love for all that resides on our planet !

Join me in memory Wally!! Looking for at least 1000 families and friends to get an educational toy for a child Do you know any children that would like a Wally toy check it out on Amazon!

3D is now on Amazon!! So far so great over 100 sold so far our goal this week is 1000!! Help us get annnd 10 percent is donated to get classes going this fall at our school in Madagascar and your school could win a free lesson live form Madagascar!! Also Amazon smiles donates to our Not for profit!!

Moth species! Well ask Tim maybe he will know what it is!?


Katydid sounds!:) mid summer insects have emerged!!

Just night walk-in!:) enjoy your night everyone! Peace ✌️ joy and happiness always ❤️ E

Grey tree froooooooog!scientifically known as Hyla versicolor PS the science name@is universal@ when you know that it’s the best way to communicate with others about a species even if you speak differ languages ! So fun also it’s italicized although I haven’t figured it out yet on here !:) ok good night for real now Love ❤️ E n the 🐸;)

Woooooooow!! Love this !!:) enjoy ! Time for bed now hahah.

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