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How lucky are we to say goodnight to the sun sky and trees... :)

Even when life feels challenging remebering to Keep your head to the sky is the best medicine to come back to life back to the here and now!

Mohank preserve hike today remembering the simple things !:) Enjoy this day full love of gratitude for the air sun and trees and for the life within your bodies! Beautiful day everyone !!love Erik

Thank you Mohonk preserve!

Just before finding this lovely animal in the Sebangau National Park my guide said calmly "look an Anaconda" "Whaaaaat!!!" i) I shouted then said "wait were in Borneo anacondas don't live here .... and behold a gorgeous wild Reticulated python resting in a tree just above our heads "OMG OMG I can't believe It I shouted again "! Well that very statements karmic vibration sent the snake plunging into to the murkey peat swamp to never be seen again! Full of disappointment I was for a moment....I understood that with this feeling it was unlikely I would see more snakes... sooooo I siiiiied e
And repeated to mysllf I'll see more again one day I know I will! 10 min later there she was resting quietly and this time I Belived it!!! Always Believe in your Dreams!! Peace joy and happiness always Love Erik

Big shout out to all our friends on the Beautiful Island of Borneo and the lovely Green Viper!

Happy Monday! Poinsettia grow wild here in Madagasacar so funny I always thought they were just a small plant when it's actually a big tree!!

Buy a book get a brick change a life!Greetings from Madagascar! Calling everyone;) I am inviting you all on very special mission to connect children and famlies worldwide to Nature and each other with the completion of environmental school number #16! Once completed we will be lloking for photogrophers painters chefs, anyone with any talent to joins via internet to share you expertise during our weekly Environmental school#16/Nature center offering of clasess we are planning to kick off for the up coming school year.All are welcome, and for now get your book and get a brick today! Thanks for reading this post talk soon! Love Erik the reptile guy www.wkci.org/books-and-bricks. #booksandbricks #wkci

Boophis Madagacarensis! Brown tree frog on night walk in Ranomafana Madagascar...feeling the Love of this place!

Greetings From Ranomafana Madagascar!!

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