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Erik Ortiz  📧 Lifting weights makes me happy Facebook|Youtube:Flexbros @theflexbros #TeamNoCalves

I’m officially a VEGAN 🥦🙌🏼😂 (Tag a Vegan)

Calisthenics Gains (Tag a friend) ... 😂💪🏼 w/ @erikofit @jeff_fitness

Who did it better ? 🦆😂 #TeamNoCalves
We come in all species and taking over 💪🏼😆

We’re going to lose all our gains 😢(Tag a Friend)
w/ @erikofit @jeff_fitness

20 year old me (I’m 25) deadlifting 315 for reps with PERFECT form ...
Name something wrong with this video 😂

So I fucked up my back (Strain) but that isn’t stopping me from getting these gains....💪🏼
What’s your excuse?
#NeverSkipLegDay #NoDaysOff

Are you addicted to fitness ?
I’m addicted to fitness/Gym. I can’t fathom the thought of life without it. Also, how some people don’t care about their body/health. Not saying that life is only about body image. Humans have a mind, body and soul, so a healthy physical form is only a piece to the puzzle to live a happier life . Take care of it.

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My current ABS routine below:
•CRUNCHES |4 sets to failure(As much reps as you can)|
•CABLE CRUNCHES |4 Sets of 20 reps|
•RUSSIAN TWIST | 3 sets of 1 min|
•HANGING LEG RAISES | 4 Sets of 12 reps|
Abs are made in the kitchen and gym . You cannot out work a bad diet. Start a diet ,drink your water, get your cardio in ,work on those abs and I guarantee you will get those 6 packs.

(When you take 5 scoops of preworkout⚡️😂)
Once you isolate yourself focusing on a goal , you’ll unlock new potentials taking you to greater power levels. I’m just SAIYAN !! #PoweringUp #SuperSaiyanErik #Over9000 #Motivation

2 days with no gym
I miss you ....
Will I make it through this ?

July 2018 Calender Shot ☀️🌊📸📆😂

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