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A little celebration of my promotion...

Weeeeird. Going through some comics I never got around to reading, and found a leaf in one. Probably been in there since the day I brought it home from the shop...






My favorite bit from the new (King) Kong movie. John C. Reilly kills me.

How I handle vagueness from here on out: non-specific requests get a red panda on it. Like I said, I make my own fun.

I forgot to post the final of this one. Immortalizing that evening walk when Bella and I encountered the ghost of the deer I killed with my car a few years prior. I'd only had the Bug for 13 days--my first new car--and driving home from work at 4am after a very long Friday, the deer jumped over a guardrail directly into the passenger side of the car, rolling across the whole length before I could stop. The total damage ended up being around $12k due to the car being so new and parts were hard to get. I still remember that silhouette in the rear view as the deer stumbled to the road--the only animal I've ever killed. I couldn't deal with it for the longest time because of the circumstances, the broken new car, the sleep deprivation...but considering on that walk this pup who'd freak out at anything bigger than a cricket calmly looked at this deer maybe 20 feet in front of us while I took a photo....I like to think that was the universe giving me a chance to make some peace.
Yeah, that's about as spiritual as it gets over here.
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Worked stressed me the eff out today, so I'm listening to LCD Soundsystem and finally organizing my comics after all of these years.

Best idea I've had all year: my contribution to the new printshop

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