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Erik Leffingwell  CRAFT: paint & ink TRADE: pixelworker DEAL: fidgety & awkward

Really loved this show, watched the whole first season this weekend. Also, turns out I was getting Hulu for free this past year. iTunes auto-cancelled my subscription last November, but somehow never informed Hulu. Hulu found 34,000 people like me last week and finally cut us off. All this to say I might have to buy the second season on iTunes.

Blocking in a very fally new one. I think I need to stop for the night, tho, because I’m feeling that little-kid-fingerpainting-and-making-a-mess feeling...
#northwestonlittleturtlewayoctober2017 (don’t be creepy) #wip #acrylicpainting #painting #acrylics #impressionism #expressionism #littlekidfingerpaintingandmakingamessfeeling

Shiny comic covers of my yout are trendy again, apparently, but I’m thinking someone at the printing company got fired over these. Probably in prepress...we get blamed for everything. I can imagine that person now: you know, this isn’t going to work, right?

I’ve apparently thumbed my nose at gluten intolerance in the face of beautiful cinnamon toast 🤤

My right hand is wired wrong...guess that’s why I don’t 🖕 with that hand

It’s a weird feeling to be reading a novel and suddenly have a character you couldn’t see yourself in precisely describe your interior life.


It’s nice when a book you put down a while ago has a recap a few pages after you picked it back up. Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami

This really is my favorite time of the year. Also: commuter traffic.

Random sketching in Photoshop to wind down. I’ve been thinking about how I have zero rituals in my life; that my moment to moment actions are really dictated by how several aspects of me might feel. For some reason, I’ve always tied adults with having rituals, and lacking them adds to my psychological immaturity. Case in point: I’d love to be a person who non-compulsorily sketches daily, but maybe I’m just not built like that.

You said “I think I’m like Tennessee Williams: I wait for the click, I wait, but it doesn’t kick in”.

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