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Eri King  🇯🇵🌵LV〰NY👽artist/hunter mfa💩🚮 (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ @eridanstudio

Was that not you I saw when I walked into the room? Girl I c u #uglylisa

channeling Jodorowsky

a colorful Madrid tonight

Can you believe this qt human flies planes?thanks @kiznajoy and @alexloosle for being badass pilots and getting us to see all sorts of places ❤️

a colorful Madrid today

Meanwhile, my papa is in Japan capturing my likeness...

Typical (artist😬)... Drawing my sister at an olive oil mill in the countryside of Spain in dramatic lighting...well.

Family photo 👥👥

the horse who was stuck (remnants from a family who tried to save her)

day dreaming through the Spanish countryside 🌞


The higher the hair