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Erika Swan 🌸 - Japan lover, Japanese Soul - LOVER - World traveler- #Tokyo 📍 Next ✈️ ... #IAmReal #IAmHealthy

Last day in #Milan with my #bff @saikaiangel just taking a stroll on our way home, trying out new apps, planning new events (see stories for more fun and info) and working while having the best time. #milanILoveu #blockchats #cryptogirls (time to plan my next trip too!)

Just stretching after the #morningrun . It’s actually amazing how you can get charged up for the whole day after a good #training. Ready to give my best always ✌🏻#dailytraining #dailyworkout #hokaoneone

Blondie&Blondie sleeping. Just a little break before starting to work again. #blondie @crazycatcafe #crazycatcafe #catsofinstagram

After a long day of work, I deserve an award (ok yes, it’s just an excuse to eat #icecream with a #kitten shaped biscuit 😸, thank you @crazycatcafe ) #crazycatcafe #spindle #blockchain #blockchats

Still #tanabata time here in #italy at @tenoha_milano . Another #blockchain day working together with my bestie @saikaiangel . It doesn’t matter how many fights or discussion there might be, in the end, you know that you’ll keep going on because some relationships are just too strong to stay stuck on silly fights and the good moments are just soooo much more! Wouldn’t change my team for anything in the world ❤️ #lovemyjob #workbesties #lifebesties #blockchats #japanitalybridge #tenoha

When you work with the best team, it doesn’t matter where you are anywhere in the world, you’ll always be together! And yes, dreams do come true if you work hard enough and put all you have towards reaching that dream. @saikaiangel @vni7lina @blockchatsofficial #ilovemyjob #grateful #blockchats #japanitalybridge

Different paces, different timings, same direction. Starting the day (and the new month) with a run with my #bff @saikaiangel . I’m dead, dripping in sweat but feeling soooo good! Now we are ready to start to work hard! #training and #blockchain is the way to go today!

Thank you everyone for all the #birthday wishes! I couldn’t reply to you all but this post is for you, for all the ones who woke up super early or in the middle of the night to wish me #happybirthday at midnight (depending on which timezone you are), to all those who spent the day with me, to all those who took a moment of their time to write your wishes and to all those who just thought about me, even for a second. And thank you so much to
@saikaiangel and @sors_immanis and @laratsuki for this birthday celebration (between one work call and the other 🤣). Thank you, thank you, thank you to you all!! ❤️🎂 2018.07.29 #birthdaygirl

Lunch break at @tenoha_milano ! A piece of #Japan here in #Milan ! I just love this place and I would spend the whole day here.... well that could actually happen... soon maybe, who knows #tenoha #ilovemilano

Between one meeting and one call I’m always trying to find the time to train. Not only it keeps me going through the day but it also helps me vent off all that stress I can accumulate during the day. Running is becoming kind of addicting.... is it just me? 🤔 #training #running #iamhealthy

Drink with the bestie. A little #aperitivo never hurt anyone 🍹~ #spritz #aperolspritz #martini #ape #aperol #milan #ilovemilano #thisismilano

“Put down the camera for a moment” they told me, but no. I can’t. I always have to capture every second of my trips, specially the one in #Japan because I want to fix all these amazing moments in my mind, in my heart and also in my photobook.
This is what traveling means to me, meeting new cultures and enriching my soul, facing new adventures and discovering the unknown. It’s possibilities, it’s new life, new memories, new pages to be written, new hopes. 💫
But I have to say, you are a good photographer too, I can pose for you, but just for a moment 🤣 #kamakura

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