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I *finally* managed to get a shot of all the sushi! (Which is good because I’ve only got the bind off and the cuff left on these beauts!) Yarn: Yummy Sushi Pajamas by @havirland
Bag: Me
Progress Keeper: @charmedanddangerous79
Sushi: Beekman & Spicy Tuna 🍣

This light and this yarn 🤩 My new design for @tealtorchknits is coming along!

Our coyote Truman is back!! This makes me so happy! (Although he kinda startled me just now when I ran outside and he was like, just chilling in the yard 😂).

Playing around with some short rows. I can’t wait to add the next color in!

Way more tired than I was yesterday, but super happy not to be surrounded by Laker fans. Hubs birthday week in full effect. #42 #blazernation #porvsmin #authenticfan #clublevellover #sportshard #modacenter #directfan #thisisourhouse

Audible has had some killer sales recently and I was just marveling at how out of control my ‘to listen’ queue is getting, when I remembered I needed to post my reading round-up for October! TWENTY books!! It was a pretty mixed bag last month- lots of mediocrity, but only one that was just awful - Host (Cook) was just obnoxious fluff (IMO!) The stand out was definitely The Dry by Jane Harper. It’s a great mystery, really well written, super atmospheric. I loved it! Five Presidents was really interesting. It’s written by the secret service guy assigned to Jackie Kennedy during the assassination (the guy in the Zapruder Film!). Also worth noting, The Boy on the Bridge (I think I liked this one better than the Girl With All the Gifts) and The Hike. If you’re interested, I have slightly more elaborate reviews on Goodreads. I also finally committed to changing my reading goal to 200 books...I’ve got about 30 to go. 😳🙌🏻 #audible #goodreads #bookworm #readallthebooks #whaterikaread2018 #thebookwasbetter

First trip up of the season. Gettin some back-to-back fan action this weekend #ripcity #portlandtrailblazers #blazernation #porvlal #authenticfan #sportshard ##modacenter #directfan #beatla #thisisourhouse #imademyblazergear

My fella’s birthday is next week and all he wanted was to come to Portland for a couple Blazer games. We’re staying in the hotel we stayed in when he had surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney earlier this year, so it’s kind of weird. It brings back a lot of stress memories, but also makes me happy to even be here! Anyhoo. Here we are. #birthdayroadtrip #heseasy #permanentpimples #crowsfeetandacne

Lots of #bellythebully this month, which, let’s be honest, is basically true of every month. #1secondeveryday #1se

Believe it or not I almost forgot today was Halloween. I know, I know. Anyway, here’s me as a unicorn circa 1984. Happy Halloween!

Whenever I glimpse the darker side of this lovely fiber community, it makes me want sprinkle some sunshine around. A while back, I had a really negative experience that almost put me off designing completely, but because of a couple of shining humans, I was able put my hurt feelings aside and move past it. This morning I had a text message that brought the whole situation back. My initial reaction was to be angry (and I was/am 😂) but also to put my money where my mouth is, and do something to counter that negativity. So I decided to make a bunch of my patterns free. These are all designs that were connected to the negative situation, but also tied into my resulting journey back into the better side of the fiber community. Each of these designs initially had a negative association for me, but the feeling is quickly overshadowed by warmer thoughts of people whose kindness and generosity exemplify everything this community can be. And what better way to pay that forward, than to share what I’ve got with you! 🌟🌟🌟

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