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Erika Moul Lady Gaga Tribute  ♠️The Lady Gaga Tribute⚡️#ErikaGaga 🎹 @THELADYGAGATRIBUTE 🎶ON TOUR NOW 🌴Travel Blog: @theneverlandgypsy & @acoupleofmoments🌻 👁LIVE👇🏼

🌾Whoosh! One day I’m in Nashville, then Boston, then Vegas, then... even I can’t keep track anymore.
I’ve got so many shows coming up, hope ya’ll can make it. Yeah. I’m saying ya’ll now. #nashville .
🌸June 2nd: Artichoke Festival Monterey, California
🌸June 8th: Vegas at Bellagio
🌸June 11-14 Fort Myers, Florida with Legends in Concert
🌸June 14-16 Palm Springs, California with Legends in Concert for the Human Rights Campaign
🌸June 23rd Orange County Pride, California
Who’s coming!!?? Let me know so we can meet afterwards! 🥂 📸by my love @cjmarsini

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” -Walt Whitman
Cannot believe the beautiful places I have had such a privilege to experience. The Cheekwood Mansion was spectacular, the gardens were intoxicatingly gorgeous, and the Smoky Mountains this weekend was unreal. My heart is so full, I feel so blessed.
Time is a journey in itself. If there is one thing I cherish most, it is moments like this... take it all in.
#nashville #nashvilletn #cheekwood #cheekwoodmansion #summer #blossom

My brain right now. 🎶 Nashville LGT show this Friday at 8:30PM at the Old Hickory Country Club- Message me/below for details if you want to come!
Lots of shows coming up, but thankful to say that I won’t be performing EVERY day this summer... 🤪 Taking some valuable me time between shows and gigs is definitely more a priority! I’ve been working on some major secrets you guys and taking every day one at a time. Seriously. I used to have so much time to post/hype, but lately the travel and daily to do’s require my full attention. I cannot get distracted with the amount of responsibilities I have! 🙌🏼 My shows are number ONE, so follow my story and turn on your notifications to see me LIVE when I broadcast and check out my Gaga Tribute Highlight reel😎💫 This coming month:
Tennessee 💋
Love ya’ll!

Boston, it was so good to see you last weekend!! @cjmarsini and I will always cherish the East Coast states, I mean, we lived in quite a lot of them already...😅
As both entertainers, who knows where we’ll be each upcoming year!
Don’t worry Boston, we’ll be back again soon! We love you all and wish we could have stayed to celebrate with you!
Back in 📍 🎶 Have so many awesome shows coming up, be sure to follow @theladygagatribute and FB page!

🍾Congratulations to my love @cjmarsini & fellow @berkleecollege graduates! I’m so excited to see what you accomplish in this world! 🙌🏼It’s been such an honor to be surrounded by such inspiring spirits, genuine characters, and courageous musicians. 🌸We miss those rainy Boston mornings in the city. Laying on the front porch couch, hearing @timloten plucking away on his banjo or @kamekazeecon belting out his soul at the piano. Seriously guys, I’ll never forget that porch piano. 🎹
Our time in Boston was honestly the most transformative part of my life so far. No doubt. @acoupleofmoments to last a lifetime!
2017- Now, Living from city to city, moving 7 TIMES in one year, yeah it was a lot, but it all happened the way it should, just like magic. 💫
We’re going to cherish these Boston memories for the rest of our lives. 🎶Cheers to the friends I never thought I’d have, the artists who have resurrected my faith in this industry... you are the future! I believe in you so hard...
Congrats to you all!
#berkleecollegeofmusic #berkleeclassof2018 #classof2018 #congrats #graduation #soproud #grad

🌴What my days off look like...💦
I have never been so at peace with my life and where it’s going... it used to be so chaotic! Always working, always doing and going...
I didn’t know how to STOP! I love what I do, I do beyond words, but I’ve had to realize that essentially everything I do, comes from within, and it’s also my job to replenish that inspiration. 💧Like waterfalls, the water is always going, but it has to come from somewhere! Start with yourself. What makes you feel the most connected to yourself? For me, it’s being naked in my garden of eden and writing music with the love of my life. It’s always been nature really... I NEED nature, lots of it. I need wildlife, forests, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, all of it! I need adventures that test me physically and mentally, and the flexible schedule to travel. It wasn’t easy, oh my god, it wasn’t, but I’m friggin HERE. I #earned this life baby, and I’m soaking in every last drop.
📍Cummins Falls, TN
Create your own world that allows you to do what you want... 🌎#Neverland

They’re like...
“Erika, this is a quick change!”
Then I’m like...
JUST DANCE! Gunna be OKAY 👌🏼 🤣🥂 YOU GUYS, I GOT THIS! ✨I’m 24k magical, poof!🎩 Had an awesome time with some new friends in Vegas! Can’t wait to be back soon!💋
Be sure to check them OUT: @matty_g_24 @ceraldomoreau @dareal08 @jaydn57 @therealjaffar 🕺🏻

🧐Sometimes I sit and wonder, “What do people think of me?”
Then, I get distracted by all the things I want to do with my life, and I forget about it. 😅
Don’t stress about what others think. “Your reality begins with your opinion.” 🤭 What’s your favorite 3 things about yourself...?
I dare you.
Today, mine would be:
1. My Ability To Change
2. The Love I Possess
3. My Fears
So, Let’s starts a trend-
Tag others to share their 3 Favorite!
I’m tagging:
@luminousandwild & @ajayejardine

ATTENTION MONSTERS and @ladygaga fans!!!
I want to see YOU at @oclgbtpride THIS SUMMER!! Our theme this year is BE YOU and what better way to celebrate who you are than with your closest friend AND @TheLadyGagaTribute >
Saturday June 23rd 2028 Tickets ON SALE NOW for the show at ➡️WWW.PRIDEOC.COM 🌈

Tickets will go FAST, so spread the word, we want to fill The Yost Theatre with little monsters!!! @yosttheater 🌸Throw on those cowboy boots, pink hats, disco bras, and light up tutus, and get ready to be immersed in the full experience! An entire HOUR of monster moshing!!! I’m so excited to perform this new show I have been producing ALL MYSELF! 🙊Never before performed songs, new costumes, and more surprises I just can’t spoil!!! 😍 Tag your California friends below ⬇️ 📸by @davidlmorel 🍒💋🍒

#orangecountrypride #californiapride #prideoc #pride @pridelivenation

🌵So grateful. I love every moment of this crazy ride. 🛩You’re the best person to have by my side. 🗺 I’m in loveeeeeee...with you. >
🎥🎹🎶&🎙by my love @cjmarsini 🌸 We’re gross, you guys I’m sorry. 🙈 Thanks babe!
We’ve got so much ahead! Stay tuned... 🌙
@acoupleofmoments #acoupleofmoments
@travel.couples @travelwithus @couplesdailyy @happilyeveradventures

Hi. It’s me again. 🤓
I’m so grateful, that’s all I have to say. It’s so exciting. 🐾”Feel those rays of light 💡 Coming through your mind”🎶

🚨Vegas Vibes. Let’s Rock Bad Kids! 🎸
#badtothebone “Honestly, how I look has nothing to do with my art, and there is no place on my stage to worry about it. I could stand onstage in a total blackout and know I’d blow you away. That’s what power she’s given me. She freed my soul from ever thinking about looks again.” @ladygaga taught me that what I have to offer on the inside is ALL I need... “This is a representation of how I feel onstage as her, ultimately it has nothing to do with me. Yet somehow, it has everything to do with everyone. It’s hard to believe it’s me up there sometimes, because I put every fiber of my being to be braver than I really am into every moment. I AM YOU. I am nothing and everything you want me to be. The Fame. Be fearless in the pursuit of your identity. Be brave when you realize the power in owning it.” 💋 Follow my story to see what I’m up to! Excited to see you Monsters!!!🍒Here’s a sneak peak... 🃏Thank you @davidlmorel for believing in the girl behind the #pokerface ♣️

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