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Erika Eddington  Florist, Opera, Reiki, Aspiring Yogi + Intuitive Reader, Libra Sun + Pisces Rising + Sagittarius Moon 🌒 200 RYT 🕉 Flower insta: @erikaeddingtonflowers

Uttana Salambhasana ✨✨✨

Two weeks ago I was thinking to myself "how the hell does anyone bind in Parivritta Parsvakonasana?" Literally the next day I surprised myself in class and was able to do it. 🙌🏻Flexibility is something I have to work really hard at, so even the smallest progress is pretty exciting for me.

One from last weekend

Day 20 (final day) of #sunandmoonsalutations - Three-legged downward dog @aloyoga @alissayoga

And Day 19 of #sunandmoonsalutations - #savananda // Bliss-filled Downward Dog @aloyoga @alissayoga

Day 18 of #sunandmoonsalutations - Sahaja Bhujangasana //Spontaneous Flowing Cobra @aloyoga @alissayoga

Day 17 of #sunandmoonsalutations - #Anahatasana (one of my favorites❤) ✨ @alissayoga @aloyoga

I fell behind this week on the #sunandmoonsalutations Ooops! Time to catch up! Here's day 15 - High Lunge and day 16 -High plank @alissayoga @aloyoga

Day 14 of #SunandMoonSalutations - Sahaja Ardha Malasana // Flowing Half Squat @aloyoga @alissayoga

Missing this beautiful bug 💗Happy Valentine's Day, @stephenisabug ! Can't wait to see you in three weeks!

Another from Mystic Hot Springs ✨Missing this magical place.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana next to some Anasazi Petroglyphs 🙌🏻