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Erika  natural dye nerd, color obsessed :: a journal of dye experiments, textiles, and things that catch my eye :: constant experimenter :: i can make that

Replacing a zip in a friend’s wedding dress. R’s grandmother made it for her 14 years ago, and R wears it out on the town to celebrate her anniversary every year. Grandma was a no-nonsense seamstress and getting this broken zipper out is taking longer than resetting it will. We’re replacing the white zip with one that matches R’s eyes, a green-blue color. I’m enjoying looking at the little tricks the woman who sewed this dress used to make sure it would survive all the dancing and hugging. Hoping the replacement sees it through another 14 or so.
#repair #makeitlast #handmade

The kids walked out today. So proud of them.

Today, five completely random men asked me if I needed help finding something in the hardware store. One of them went so far as to say “Well, you’re missing your opportunity to ask for help because I am finished so I am leaving.” ... I came home, unloaded the sheet rock, and grouted my own damn floor. Happy international women’s day, y’all. Own your skills. 😘

Detail, dispersion (2018). Thanks to my mom for the dandelion idea— genius. ———————————————————————
Thrifted sheets, dyed with madder- weld - indigo in the RYB experiment of last year. These are the scraps left after documentation. #useitup #upcycling #naturaldye #quilt

basting: the mental storm before the calm.

inner worlds

colors from plants ——————————————————— #naturaldyes #naturaldye #turquoise #purple #customcolor

department of insane color: laked weld dye bath with indigo residue. ——————————————-
I capture as much of the color out of my dye baths as I can. When the dye bath is exhausted, I add lime and sometimes mordants to settle any remaining dye as a precipitate. These precipitates are called lakes and can be used to make paints, or applied to fiber when mixed with a soy milk binder.
#lakedpigment #naturaldyes #botanicaldyes #useitallup

searching for turquoise .... In a world of mass-produced color, we unconsciously expect perfect consistency. One of the tricky things about targeting color with (natural) dyeing is that wet, freshly dyed fiber looks different from its cured, washed, dry self.... you end up guiding the fabric to what feels right and then crossing your fingers. The slightest factors can cause variations - a few degrees in temperature, whether it has rained recently and affected the chemistry of the water source, how the plant grew that year, if your kid / cat / friend sneezes and you step away at the wrong moment. Unique color is beautiful color. She says and then adds more weld to the dye bath.

color play - silk habotai - a little of this and that.
#naturaldyes #botanicaldyes #ironmakesitsad #naturaldyesarenotboring

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