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Erika  natural dye nerd, color obsessed :: dye exploration, textiles, and things that catch my eye :: constant experimenter :: i can make that

hooks & eyes & loops -
a history in a bag from the reuse center.

assembly lines
It’s always interesting to me to see what changes when things get sewn together. I don’t typically work with regular shapes (but have been recently). With curved piecing, the build is a section at a time, adjusting as I go. Completing the layout of this piece and then adjusting color before I stitch it together has been a very different mental process. Less intuition more thought..... Thank you to the folks who have provided a critical eye, you know who you are. ❤️
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quilted and bound.
madder x weld x indigo dye samples on cotton.

Finally the right light for seeing the quilting.
Dispersion, 2017-18, naturally dyed cottons (thrifted sheets and scraps from dye color explorations). .
#naturaldyes #plantdyes #quiltsofinstagram #quilt #upcycle #sewingwithscraps

It’s April and these should be seasonally inappropriate. But I’m not even washing/blocking them before I wear them, curly cuff be damned. Thanks @sinceresheep Brooke for the gorgeous naturally-dyed luminous yarn, which makes the kindest-to-hands mittens. 💙
Swipe left for a closer look at the colors:
Gray - Cumulus
Blue - Imposter
Green - Hathor's Gem
Olive - Quercus

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Last year’s last few indigo leaves, broken down in the garden over the winter, brought inside for daydreaming.
#persicariatinctoria #polygonumtinctorium #japaneseindigo #indigo

Process: the act of flying by the seat of your pants and trusting it will come out all right in the end.
(Project: a commissioned quilt using hand-dyed and @oakshottfabrics and @kaffefassettstudio shot cottons. Story when it all comes together.)

assembly strategies

today’s colors
brought to you by an attempt to exhaust the dyepots.

Peas up! (This is the coldframe planting. We’ll move the frame when it gets a bit warmer...)

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