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Erika Molnar  natural dye nerd, color obsessed :: exploration & experimentation :: telling stories with textiles :: DM me with custom color/quilt inquiries

A little beauty for your day- we all need it. The work of Jamie Bourgeois @jamiebourgeois , who is using plant dyes to make beautiful silkscreened scarves and pouches that are thoughtful statements about ecological balance. Thank you for making such lovely things, my natural dye geek friend! —————————————————
#jamiebourgeois #naturaldye #plantdye #foodwastedye #moths #stinkbugs

shadows / solar pinholes

Joining the persicaria parade: Here’s what’s happening with the indigo over here. First image: the seedling on the left is from John Marshall’s seed. The right is from my seed (which comes from volunteers from Sarah Gotowka’s field which comes from a mix of her seed and Ricketts? Is that right, @lunafiberstudio?). These seedlings were from side by side pots in the same growth conditions. They were seeded three weeks ago. I will be keeping an eye on how the two varieties grow and produce pigment. The second image is one of the volunteers in the garden from overwintered seed. It survived the slugs and has managed to compete with the borage and (bleeping) thistles between weedings. I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys as well, and collecting seed from them. Trying to see if there is a best variety for here. —————————————————————-
#persicariatinctoria #polygonumtinctorium #japaneseindigo #indigo #growingblue

The week of July 21st, I’ll be hanging out by the natural dye pots at @agatheringofstitches Slow Fashion retreat. I’ll be the Igor to @sugarhouseworkshop Jessica’s Dr. Frankenstein. (Sorry Jess — you’re way nicer and far less creepy than Frankenstein but the sidekicks my kids were suggesting to me were ... obscure.) There are a couple of spots left if you’d like to come hang with Jessica while she teaches her beautiful color making and directs me to carry water and to stir dyepots. Cal Patch @hodgepodgefarm will be teaching how to draft a super cool shirt-tunic-frock, and Katrina Rodabaugh @katrinarodabaugh will be sharing her mad mending skills. Amy DuFault @amytropolis will chat all things slow fashion..... Out by the dyepots, things might even get dye geeky, there will definitely be breaks for ice cream, and you will probably get to talk shark rocket science with me n’ Henry. On the beach. In Maine. (Yes, last year we ground the cochineal in clamshells.) #slowfashionretreat #agatheringofstitches

hand drawn with mordants, boiled in madder. Silk/cotton voile; 54”x 54”
#kalamkari #traditionshavespaceforchange #handdrawn #naturaldye #penlandschool #penlandschoolofcraft #craftschoolexperience @penlandschool class taught by Lavanya Mani @textilechronicler

The seed of an idea: Late last night I had a conversation by the kiln that left me with the words “relationships between” echoing in my head.... relearned today that if something is not working as a whole, sometimes cutting it up and telling a story with its parts is incredibly satisfying and works much better. // Study for book, working title “the minotaur’s map” cotton with natural dyes; stitched with thrums from a local textile mill. // with big thanks to @textilechronicler for all the new skills, @kpkceramics for the chat, and @eholsterart for the nudge to make a book. You’re all inspiring. // @penlandschool #craftschoolexperience #penlandschool #kalamkari #naturaldye #botanicaldye #madder #henna #osage #indigo

Patience & repetition & hand cramps. Color to follow.
#penlandschool #penlandschoolofcraft #kalamkari

Working back in after another layer....
#penlandschoolofcrafts #penlandschool #craftschoolexperience #kalamkari #naturaldyes #botanicaldyes

WIP - madder and indigo.
Exploring different ways of using dyes and mordants. I applied this indigo using a paint brush. 💃🏼 It’s still unwashed here.... thinking through color separations of natural dyes in new ways.
Our instructor, Lavanya Mani, learned traditional kalamkari from craftsmen in India. She incorporates the techniques into her work in a contemporary, painterly way to investigate subjects ranging from Indian textile history and trade to gender roles. She’s teaching us the “proper” way to do things and then encouraging us to adapt the methods to our own ways of making marks. Brain explosions!

#penlandschoolofcrafts #penlandschool #craftschoolexperience #naturaldyes #madder #indigo #kalamkari #lavanyamani

After madder ———————————————————————
#kalamkari #penlandschoolofcrafts #craftschoolexperience #seaurchin

Before madder
#kalamkari #penlandschoolofcrafts #craftschoolexperience #seaurchin

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