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Erika Molnar  natural dye nerd, color obsessed :: exploration & experimentation :: telling stories with textiles :: DM me with custom color/quilt inquiries

California colors (on silk) from grown & gathered dyes: Wild cochineal, loquat, eucalyptus and pepper tree from family’s yards, and Japanese indigo (thanks, @sinceresheep). Lots to share from a nice couple of weeks. ————————————————————————
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revisiting the summer when these were all I made

hot day + bored kids + mordanted silk scarf + flowers + hammer = an hour of reprieve from the whining.

Japanese indigo with monarda and echinacea : this patch is self-seeded volunteers from self-seeded plants that grew in @lunafiberstudio Sarah’s fields. Trying to see if repeated selection gets us better color and more resilient plants.————————————————————————-#polygonumtinctorium #persicariatinctoria #naturaldyes #indigo #growingindigo

I’ve been waiting for the goldenrod to bloom... it just opened yesterday. Here are the results of a jar dye color test, and you can swipe left to see the colors from this early August bloom compared to the past two years of flower dyes. I was not expecting a clear yellow this year — it has been extremely dry, so I was thinking I’d see more of a golden brown like we saw in 2016. Then it rained 3” last week! Another factor affecting color may be the fact that these *just* opened- been watching like a hawk and pounced! I’ll try again in a few weeks and see if the color has shifted at all. There is a good chance for a bigger difference between the flower and leaf color as the plant prioritizes reproduction over leaf protection. I thought those of you who read my piece in @plants_are_magic magazine might be interested to see this little summertime kitchen experiment. ———————————————————————— Method: fibers alum mordanted; dyes at 100% WOF. Top two swatches are cotton, the second was dyed to a light indigo before being mordanted. Yarns are 100% wool and were mordanted L->R: alum, copper, iron.
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Shipping this naturally dyed pile of color off to @constructionlines today. She makes beautiful quilts, and I have the pleasure of making color for her quilts! ————————————————————————
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tomatogeddon: bring it on.

The glorious spectrum from the natural dye pots at last week’s Slow Fashion retreat - colors built over the week with Jessica @sugarhouseworkshop . And the warm feeling of being with a community that’s living, creating and encouraging others to spend their time at a thoughtful pace. ——————————————————————
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Handful of summer

Wednesday’s colors @agatheringofstitches #slowfashionretreat with @sugarhouseworkshop. It is ridiculous fun to spend a week making color with friends who get as jazzed by the beauty as I do.

Helping Jessica @sugarhouseworkshop during her natural dye classes - Playing with color at @agatheringofstitches #slowfashionretreat in Ferry Beach.

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