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Erika  natural dye nerd, color obsessed :: a journal of dye experiments, textiles, and things that catch my eye :: constant experimenter :: i can make that

searching for turquoise .... In a world of mass-produced color, we unconsciously expect perfect consistency. One of the tricky things about targeting color with (natural) dyeing is that wet, freshly dyed fiber looks different from its cured, washed, dry self.... you end up guiding the fabric to what feels right and then crossing your fingers. The slightest factors can cause variations - a few degrees in temperature, whether it has rained recently and affected the chemistry of the water source, how the plant grew that year, if your kid / cat / friend sneezes and you step away at the wrong moment. Unique color is beautiful color. She says and then adds more weld to the dye bath.

color play - silk habotai - a little of this and that.
#naturaldyes #botanicaldyes #ironmakesitsad #naturaldyesarenotboring

When dear friends stop by for lunch and get sucked into the indigo action.... Christa @learningfarm knows her anthocyanin color chemistry from her juice company. We’re re-dyeing some thrifted baby clothes for her tiny little C 💙 indigo base for all the blues, purples and greens. ———————————————————————
#indigo #upcycledclothing #naturaldye #naturallydyedbabyclothes #reuse #botanicaldye #womenmakebeauty #chemistryisfun #moodindigo

another sort of extraction: meyer limoncello. Thank you @carolinejayne for the box of sunshine. We’ll drink you a toast in 100 days.

indigo day...

scrappy naturally-dyed color for a snowy day
#madder #weld #indigo #useitup #noscrapleftbehind #naturaldye #botanicaldye #spectrum #scrappyquilt

Please join us for the opening of this group show Wednesday evening 2/7 ! 5pm at the Nevin Welcome Center of the Cornell Botanic Gardens.

hairs aligned..... @mecktastic Anna, please thank John for the hair stacker tip! ——————————————————————
#brushmaking #learnsomethingnew #trytrytryagain #handmadebrushes

cataloguing color: 3x5s : madder, weld, indigo (digital cameras really can’t handle natural dyes)

as it comes together —————————————————
#hellostudiomyoldfriend #madder #weld #indigo #scrappyquilt #naturaldye #botanicaldye

iterations: bamboo: deer tail, shoulder, back; Squirrel tail (3 of them). Hake style deer back. The squirrel tail, well, kid brought it home from camp and put it in the freezer where it periodically surfaced and startled one of us. I’m finding that aligning the hair tips to make a nice shape is truly challenging.

use it all: a bow hunter friend gave me a deer hide, so I’m spending a quiet week messing around with making brushes.

objects with very specific uses department: these are Victorian grape scissors. They were used to clip a few grapes off of the larger bunch on the table and to deliver them to your plate. Part of the very elaborate set of manners that defined the elite social classes in the 1800’s. This pair is pretty banged up. I found them in a drawer full of screwdrivers and nutcrackers. — There was an entire industry that manufactured these things, that stemmed from the hierarchical rigor of society and manners. I’ve been thinking about that; the very specific objects that are created for and by wealthy ruling classes and both the segregation and creativity that such eras create... An era that allows fine art is an era of prosperity (at least for the few who can pay or command others to make beautiful things.) How that prosperity plays out is more complicated. I find these scissors odd and restrictive. I prefer a useful object any day. ————————————————————
#victoriangrapeshears #uselessobjects #objectswithveryspecificuses #restrictivesocieties #rescuingscissors #oldscissors

wooden spool drawer @ithacareuse

the where of it

When a playground project comes straight off the needles and is swiped by a kid whose hands are HOW big??? Yarn- @sinceresheep Brooke’s Cormo / my madder pot exhaustion. Pattern: freeform based on a Maine Striped mitten pattern.

Snowfall on thrifted cashmere

A repair of a vintage wool shirt for a sweet kid I know

Design wall play — unintentional symmetries — taking a photo and stepping back always shows me things I cannot see in real space and time. Thoughts?

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