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Bowie Babe ⚡️  Angry Crier I’ve lost every ounce of self respect. I hate myself. I am a wreck.

hello #palz today is a downer and i’ve cried like 4 times but it’s 🆗 because at least my nose is cute 🐽

losing friends as fast as i’ve been losing sleep

i feel like i’ve fallen down a rabbit hole

numb, but i still feel it

“How’s your life going?”

look dead, feel dead, wish i was dead

Was the peril of the weekend
When you wanted all the bad lights
To color the same

I got a new hat for mi cabeza ♥️

*Can’t take orders from The Man
*Promotes and becomes The Woman

Pretending I’m at the beach and didn’t just have an existential depression episode last night

Ignore the red mark on my forehead. I had a microphone thrown at my face.
10/10 would do again. Thanks Diztort.

All lost restored
All sorrows end

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