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In the past two months I have moved 3 times. Been to two stores and now hiring and training for one more opening just at the end of February. It’s been a ride! But would not wish for anything better.
I guess that’s the beauty of it - meeting all these people, going through all these experiences and learning through all of that. It’s not always beautiful or even close to that as it may seem, but that’s what life is about. It’s about being strong with whatever comes your way and growing through what you’re going through.
Luckily I will be settling down in Lincoln for a little while now. It’s my second time here and I am enjoying this big time so far - already managed to meet some inspiring people. Visited @madamewaffle today, as I’ve heard some good words about it, this place is also in the UK Coffee Guide as a must visit in Lincoln. Bruce, who served me, is so passionate about coffee, that we could not stop talking about it and it’s gifts. He served me some amazing Guatamalan Pilot coffee, and made sure I tried one of his favourites - Coffee Collective from Bolivia. Him being so kind and passionate about coffee even more than I am, he borrowed me “The World Atlas of Coffee” written by James Hoffmann itself. Took my eyes from the book just to share this with you.
Probably what I want to say is keep hustling for what makes you wake up in the morning. Please please don’t waste your time on something that only gives you a paycheque and nothing more. Our time here is so limited that dedicating it for money, somebody else’s view on how you’re supposed to live or just some sort of stereotype you’re pushed to follow is just not right. Don’t get me wrong - money is important to support you but nothing more than that. Do what makes you so excited you can’t stop. And everything else will come to you in time. Just enjoy the ride. ➰

By the way - please support my new store! Like our page on Facebook - Starbucks Lincoln Drive Thru 🚙☕️ Would really appreciate it!

just in case no one told you today :

good morning
you’re doing great
i believe in you
nice butt ☕️😜

The best mornings start with a good cup of coffee, tasty food and best friend ☕️❤️

When you get some snow in this country of rain. ☺️❄️

You’re the narrator, the protagonist and the sidekick. You’re the storyteller and the story told. You’re somebody’s something but you’re also YOURS YOU. ✨ #turtlesallthewaydown #johngreen

I always catch myself being on the run, taking on so many things on my shoulders, always pushing myself to the limits to be as good as I possibly can. It’s good - but sometimes you need to stop. I never really considered a short break in the UK until I had to visit Norwich for the first stage of Barista Championship. ☕️ I was made to stop and enjoy the moment a bit and I have to say, I am always so excited to go back there. With being a young person my best runaway is not always a quiet and relaxed one, sometimes it’s just taking the time to step out of the rush and admire it, or get lost in the crowds full of so many colourful, different, inspiring people - only to recharge and fill yourself with new, positive vibes. Norwich has proved to be one of the best places to visit cute English tea shops, amazing tiny old-town streets and mostly - to just disconnect. It’s easily reachable by train - only takes just a little over 2 hours by train from London Kings Cross station. 🚂 Check out http://po.st/m1ElDa for more inspiration on what to see in Great Britain. It truly is a country full of wonders. 🇬🇧 @visitengland @lovegreatbritain #VisitEngland #lovegreatbritain #ad #loveUK Swipe ➡️ to see more moments!

There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family 💫 | Just a quick appreciation to this lady being in my life through all the experiences we’ve both been through 🖤

Now that it’s getting so cold here in UK I just want to go back to Sardinia ASAP! Amazing weather, great food and oh, their homemade wine.. 🍷✨ Best tips from our vacation and some fun stories will be up this week! 😋👌🏼

Yesterday I received my @pactcoffee package with some amazing Micro-Lot (which means very small lot - from 5 to 100 bags!) Yangapalo coffee. My first ever delivery from them, and I absolutely loved it! Yangapalo is a Colombian coffee, with orange and ginger notes. Christmas in a bag! 🍊☕️ Swipe to see the beautiful beans ➡️

Doesn’t this look amazing? ☕️ “8 Easy Steps for a Perfect Cup of Coffee” is up on my blog! Link is in my bio, go check it out ✌🏻All your feedback means so much to me so please comment how you liked the post! ❤️

Hi guys! 🙋🏽 This week is a little special for me. A year ago I’ve joined Starbucks 😋 Mind-blowing how fast this year has passed and how far I’ve come in such short time. All the experiences, connections and coffees made! Just makes me so so excited of what the future is yet to bring. So! To celebrate this, I will be posting 3 post series on my blog. How to enjoy the perfectly prepared cup of coffee will be up on Wednesday! ☕️ See you then, have a productive beginning for your week 👌🏼😎

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