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Erie Insurance  Protecting your good life (and the stuff in it) since 1925. 🚙🏠☺️💙

Ready for a good read? Check your mailbox for the latest issue of Eriesense, where you can find answers to some of your insurance questions. 📫 #eriesense #magazine

“Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is one of the biggest festivals in the calendar year. It comes from the story of a prince who went out and fought a demon king. When he returned victorious, everyone lit oil lamps to welcome him back home because good had triumphed over evil. It celebrates happiness, joy and prosperity for everyone. We have such a large number of Indian people at ERIE— a lot of them are first-generation here. We all want to share our culture and the local people want to hear about it, so we get to be inclusive both ways. For us to be able to celebrate at work, showcase it to our American friends and invite them to join us is an amazing opportunity. I can say to someone, “Hey, come to Diwali,” and for it to not only be OK, but something people look forward to, is very important and humbling. I’m always amazed by how happy people are to be a part of it.” – Bakul Gokhale, Learning and Development, 4.5 years of service with ERIE
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Have a spook-tacular Halloween 👻

“I’ve probably written and collaborated on 100+ pieces. In 2009, I started a YouTube channel, and in 2012, my brother and I decided to tackle our first piece together. We started doing this because a lot of older video games and movies have such excellent music that some people have never heard. And even though some of the composers were limited by their tools, they did a great job with what they had.
The first score we did was from the movie “Conan the Barbarian,” but it was this massive orchestra. Our challenge was how do we take 30+ instruments and boil it down to two without losing the spirit of it. That’s kind of been the story of our channel, taking these pieces that were never meant for guitar and bringing them back so that people can enjoy them, or re-enjoy them.” – Josh Monacella, Office of the President, 6.5 years of service with ERIE
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Insurance that grows with you. 🌼 #renters #newbeginnings #movingup

@jamesconner knew McDowell High School football coach Mark Soboleski always had his back. Let your ERIE agent have yours. #everydayheroes

Work hard, play hard. 🏈 @jamesconner #everydayheroes

It’s good to know someone’s got your back. 💯 🏈 #everydayheroes @jamesconner

What a view! An awesome nighttime shot of our new building. #erie 📸: @j.magrumphoto

“Before coming to ERIE, I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years. I was a sergeant and in the Marine Corps, you’re a leader immediately—even at the lowest ranks, you’re managing a group of people. When I came in for my interview at ERIE, I came to find that the way Erie Insurance does things as an organization kinda relates to the military. The military is big on comradery and building that family relationship—and ERIE is exactly the same way. So the transition was seamless for me.
I don’t like doing anything where only I benefit; I’d rather help somebody else, somebody to the left or right of me. When I became a supervisor, it actually fit me perfectly because I love to help other people more than anything else. I love my job.” – Michael Pulliam, first notice of loss, 3 years of service with ERIE
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Relax... you're with ERIE. 😎🌴#justrelax

When you find "the house" ... you just know. 😍🔑 (We can help you feel that good about the right homeowners insurance, too.) #firsttimehomebuyer

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